‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’ New York Attorney General Gets Booed During Ceremony

    Gage Skidmore Flickr

    That’s embarrassing…

    New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) did not receive the warmest of welcomes from firefighters during a recent ceremony…

    In videos circulating online, booing erupted as James walked up to the podium to honor the swearing-in of the first African-American woman chaplain of the FDNY, the Rev. Pamela Holmes as well as other first responders. 

    “Oh c’mon, we’re in a house of God. Simmer down,” James told the rowdy crowd. “Thank you for getting it out of your system.” 

    Despite the crowd’s jeers, James pressed away with her remarks, paying homage to first responders, but some in the crowd continued booing. 

    Then the crowd began to repeatedly chant, “Trump!” Later in her speech, James said she prayed even for those firefighters in the audience booing her. 

    According to Fox News, Chief of Department John Hodgens later harshly criticized the behavior of the firefighters. 

    “Today’s ceremony was about one thing: the accomplishments of the members being promoted,” he said. “The members whose behavior distracted from that celebration were an embarrassment and not befitting of the world’s best fire department.” 

    New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) sued Trump in 2022, alleging he falsely altered his net worth on key financial statements to receive tax and insurance benefits. The documents, which detailed the value of the Trump Organization’s various assets, were sent to banks and insurers to secure loans and deals, which the state purports is evidence of fraud.  

    The former president faces more than 90 criminal charges in four prosecutions. 



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