Trump Walks Out Of Court During Closing Arguments

    Photo via Gage Skidmore Flickr

    Trump is out!

    Donald Trump walked out of the Manhattan courtroom just after a lawyer for writer E. Jean Carroll had begun issuing closing remarks Friday.

    Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan is overseeing the ongoing sexual abuse defamation trial against the former President. Carroll is suing the former President for defamation over his 2019 denials that he sexually abused her decades earlier. The former Elle columnist secured a verdict last year finding Trump liable for sexual abuse and awarding her $5 million.

    Now, she’s seeking some $10 million in damages for Trump’s denials.

    According to The Hill, it’s unclear why Trump left the courtroom, though it occurred shortly after Carroll’s lawyer Roberta Kaplan said the former president “has tried to normalize conduct that is abnormal.”

    After Trump left, Judge Lewis Kaplan directed the defense — and, by name, adviser Boris Epshteyn — to remain seated, CNN and ABC News reported.

    “The record will reflect that Mr. Trump just rose and walked out of the courtroom,” said Kaplan, who is not related to Carroll’s lawyer.

    Earlier Friday morning, Kaplan called out Trump’s attorney Alina Habba for continuing to talk when he told her she was finished.

    “You are on the verge of spending some time in the lockup. Now sit down,” the judge told Habba.


    1. I put a stop to a situation and shut people up. I was to prove my innocence with a polygraph test run by the state. I also asked that my accuser provide the same. Crickets after I passed the test as telling the truth.

    2. Judicial and prosecutorial mis conduct is what you can expect anymore in this country.
      The blindfolded lady holding the scales of justice is crippled too.


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