Watch: Hollywood Actor Compares Trump To Hitler

    Austin Green, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Famed actor Robert De Niro says he’s baffled as to why voters aren’t taking Donald Trump “seriously,” comparing the former president to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. 

    “I don’t understand why people are not taking him seriously,” the “Ezra” actor said of Trump during a Tuesday appearance on “The View.”

    “Because you read about it historically in other countries that they didn’t take the people seriously — Hitler and Mussolini, they’re fools and clowns,” De Niro, one of Hollywood’s most vocal Trump critics, said.

    “It’s gonna happen. If he gets elected, it’s going to change this country for everybody,” De Niro said.

    “Those people who support him with anger and hate — because that’s what he’s about — they’re going to see,” he said.

    Next, co-host Whoopi Goldberg added that if Trump is re-elected in November he will move to amend the Constitution to allow for Presidents to serve a third term.

    “If he becomes president again, he is not going to not stop being president,” Whoopi Goldberg, one of ABC daytime talk show’s co-hosts, added of Trump. 

    “You understand this? His idea is to stay in until he drops dead,” Goldberg said. 

    “That’s it,” De Niro agreed.

    “He’s not conceding it now. So imagine if he actually did win the election — it’s over. We’re going to have such civil strife,” De Niro said.

    De Niro has been a frequent critic of Trump, once famously saying he wanted to “punch” him in the face and describing him as a “flat-out blatant racist.” 


    1. So exactly why does anyone care what De Niro thinks … his opinion is no better than mine. We all have to make our own choice when we are voting.

    2. “Those people who support him with anger and hate — because that’s what he’s about”
      Wow! Pot? Kettle? Freudian poster child. Stage 4 TDS


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