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Attorney Predicts Bret Baier Will Step Away from Fox News Amid Scandal

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Is a major shakeup coming to Fox News?

The View co-host Sunny Hostin predicted anchor Bret Baier will likely leave Fox News due to the ongoing Dominion Voting Systems court filing.

Newly released court documents from Dominion Voting Systems‘ ongoing defamation lawsuit against Fox News show the network’s executives and prime-time lineup privately expressed doubts over former President Donald Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud after losing reelection. But perhaps the most shocking revelation was that some of them expressed fear that any fact-checkers might alienate their audience. (RELATED: Fox News Trashed Trump’s Election Fraud Claims: Court Documents)

The texts revealed some at the network questioned or flat out did not believe the election fraud conspiracy theories some guests were promoting on the network.

Hostin, who is a lawyer, called the texts “some of the most damning evidence, evidentiary texts I’ve seen in my legal career.”

“Chris Wallace, before he left, said one of the reasons he left was once they started questioning facts, questioning truth. He found that to be unsustainable,” she said. “I think the same thing will happen to Bret Baier because I —”

“Is Bret still there?” Joy Behar asked. Baier is currently at Fox News, but Hostin predicted he would go the way of Wallace.

“I can’t imagine that he’ll stay. I think they’re going to lose him,” she said.

Hostin also predicted the $1.6 billion Dominion defamation suit could end up being successful in court.

“I think it is the strongest defamation case against a media company I’ve ever seen,” she concluded.


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