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Dem Senators Reportedly Strategizing How To Oust Biden Despite Defiant Letter


Democrats don’t care what Biden wants…

On Monday, President Joe Biden sent a letter to Democrats on Capitol Hill saying he would not drop out of the race despite calls from colleagues to step aside following his debate performance.

“I want you to know that despite all the speculation in the press and elsewhere, I am firmly committed to staying in this race, to running this race to the end, and to beating Donald Trump,” the president wrote in the letter.

Biden posted the letter himself to his X account.

Biden followed up his defiant letter with a testy phone call to Morning Joe during which he asserted that “the average voter” still wants him to be president despite numerous polls of data indicating that is not the case.

“I’m getting so frustrated by the elites,” declared Biden during his interview.

However, according to a report from PBS NewsHour’s Lisa Desjardins Democrat lawmakers are disregarding Biden’s letter and plan to move forward on a path to remove him as nominee.

Desjardins continued:

Dems are seeing internal polling, per three sources, that shows serious, growing issues now in MN, NM, VA and WI for Biden. There is frustration and questions about the WH messaging that seems to deny a deeper problem exists. One senator told me, everyone here has campaigned and, politically, “You know a death spiral when you see it.” For now, worried senators are expressing dismay privately/directly to the WH and campaign. They are carefully sorting out next steps.

It had previously been reported that Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) was planning on convening a group of likeminded colleagues who hoped Biden would step aside this week.

Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported that multiple ranking Democrats on House committees expressed their desire for Biden to step aside during a virtual meeting convened by Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries over the weekend

“I made clear publicly the day after the debate that I support President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket,” Jeffries said. “My position has not changed.”. 



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