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DeSantis Reveals A Republican Under Consideration to Become His Running Mate


Republican White House contender Ron DeSantis says he is eyeing Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds as his potential pick for vice president.

DeSantis made the remarks after he touted the popular Iowa governor on Friday at a forum with Tucker Carlson. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson to Host GOP Presidential Forum – Without Trump)

“Governor, you have spent a lot of time with Governor Reynolds, you defended her after President Trump’s recent statements,” a reporter said to DeSantis at an event on Saturday. “Would you consider her as a potential vice presidential pick in this campaign?”

“Of course,” DeSantis responded. “I mean, she’s one of the top public servants in America, I thought the attacks on her were totally, totally out of hand, and totally unnecessary.”

“We should be thanking good Republican office holders,” he continued. “You know, we kind of joke about the Iowa-Florida [competition], sometimes they do things before us, sometimes we do. But honestly, I want them to do better than us because it’s healthy. When Republicans are doing well, I like that, I don’t get jealous of that, I want to see them do well.”

“And so they’ve done a great job and I think she’s been a model public servant and anybody who’s a Republican that’s trying to denigrate her I think is way off base on that,” he concluded.


  1. DeSantis lost my support when he acted like a spoiled child concerning being VP on Trump ticket. I will never vote for De Santis period!

    • I wholeheartedly agree. He would have had the 2028 and 2032 presidential years shored up IF he had been willing to run with Trump, learn about how Washington works, etc. He has little Washington experience except as a Congressman who was unknown. He even said recently “He would be second to no one” which shows to me he has a totally inflated ego of himself. IF he would happen to be the Republican nominee I will go for Machin on the No Name Party or Robert F Kennedy, Jr. who actually sounds more conservative than DeSanta Claus. He is being pushed hard and financed by George Soros and all the other liberal, leftwing, socialist RINOs like Romney, McConnel, Snow, Collins, Kasuck from my Ohio (spelling error on purpose as it fits his secret lifestyle), etc.

  2. The election is a long way off and President Trump has to wade his way through multiple court cases. A lot can happen between now and the selection of the final Republican nominee. If DeSantis were the chosen nominee I think this would be a good choice for VP. Personally I will stand behind whoever is chosen as the Republican candidate because I don’t want to see the Democrats given another chance to destroy the country.


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