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Fani Willis’ Fmr. Assistant Drops Courtroom Bombshell

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ longtime assistant and “good friend” testified today that she has “no doubt” the besieged Democrat began her extramarital affair with special prosecutor Nathan Wade in 2019. The testimony contradicts Willis’ sworn statements to the court.

The testimony from Robin Yeartie came at a hearing concerning accusations that Willis hired her lover to secure a grand jury indictment against Donald Trump and misused taxpayer money to fund her affair with Wade. The testimony came before the judge overseeing the Georgia election subversion case.

From Fox News:

Robin Yeartie, a former Fulton County DA employee and self-described “good friend” of Willis, said Thursday she has “no doubt” Willis and Wade were in a romantic relationship starting in 2019 to when her and Willis last spoke in 2022. 

This contradicts Wills’ claims in court that she and Wade “have been professional associates and friends since 2019,” and “there was no personal relationship” between her and Wade in November 2021 at the time of Wade’s appointment.

“You have no doubt that their romantic relationship was in effect from 2019 until the last time you spoke with her?” attorney Ashleigh Merchant questioned. 

“No doubt,” Yeartie said.

The accusations against Willis were first made by Michael Roman, a co-defendant and 2020 Trump campaign official, in a court motion to dismiss the case.

This article originally appeared on American Liberty News. Republished with permission.


  1. Democrats are proud to lie and get away with crimes. It’s as though they think that is reparations, so how can the REST of us, which includes other minorities stop this?


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