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Former Obama Fundraiser Flips To Trump

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are dumping Biden…

An ex-Obama fundraiser credited with raising millions of dollars for the Democrat Party is switching her vote to Trump.

“Biden has been asleep at the wheel,” Allison Huynh said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends First.”

“He’s allowed Big Tech as well as the looters to take over Silicon Valley. San Francisco has been the science experiment that’s gone awry. I wake up in the morning, there’s no grocery stores to go to, there’s no malls to take my teenage girls shopping to. The streets are not safe, there are more fentanyl users and dealers than high school students in our once great city,” she continued.

“When he [Obama] came into power, he was very scared. In his biography, he talked about being afraid of doing things because he didn’t want to ruin it for future Black leaders and Black presidents, and therefore, he let the government bureaucracy and red tape take over him whereas Trump was very specific with coming out with great ideas to allow people to grow great wealth,” she said.

“Biden is changing that. Right now, it’s very hard in this country to make money unless you work for a Big Tech company. If you’re an emerging tech company, they’re driving you offshore,” she added.

She now describes herself as an independent who plans to vote for former President Trump this November. 

Huynh noted that the current administration adds to entrepreneurial challenges in a few ways, including, in her words, by “legislating and suing emerging technology companies, startup companies and just regular entrepreneurs who are funding their business.”

She argued, however, that policies outlined by Trump today are more hopeful for fledgling businesses, including promises of lower taxes for emerging A.I. and Blockchain companies.

To further show her distaste with the Democrat Party, she’s selling off memorabilia tied to party history, including a rocking chair that belonged to former President John F. Kennedy, which she purchased at an auction for nearly $10,000, according to The Post.

Among the other Democrat memorabilia in her house sits the iconic Shepard Fairey artwork of Obama that inspired the “Hope” posters that defined his 2008 campaign against late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, according to Fox News.


  1. To take away the Pledge of Allegiance To take away The 10 Commandments. Don`t you think our Government needs to focus on the problems at hand? Such things as protecting our border. Shutting down the Cartels and Fentanyl problem. They took away our fertilizers with nothing to replace them. I don`t see where our tax dollars are doing us any good at all.


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