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Georgia Prosecutor Reveals New Details of Active Trump Investigation

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Things are heating up in Georgia…

Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis (D) who is overseeing an investigation into Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election results indicated Tuesday that she has conducted fresh interviews with some of the Republican activists who falsely claimed to be Georgia’s legitimate presidential electors.

In a court filing Tuesday, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis noted that her office conducted those interviews on April 12 and April 14. Willis disclosed in the filing that more than one of the false electors had described potential violations of Georgia state law by another one, according to Politico.

Willis is urging the judge overseeing the matter to disqualify the lawyer who represents 10 of the false electors, an arrangement she had previously challenged — with limited success — because of the potential for conflict among the different false electors. Now that some have provided testimony implicating others in potential crimes, Willis’ office argued, it is no longer tenable for them to share the same attorney, Kimberly Debrow.

“It is unfathomable how Ms. Debrow can offer competent and adequate counsel to her client who has been accused of further crimes,” Willis argues in the filing.

The fresh batch of interviews is the latest indication the investigation into Trump is ongoing. In February, the special grand jury recommended multiple indictments in the case, however, nobody has been charged in the case yet. (RELATED: Georgia Grand Jury Recommended Multiple Indictments)

In March, Trump’s legal team filed a move to the use of any evidence presented to a grand jury reviewing the matter.


  1. Follow the damn money. We all know that someone is bank rolling these people to derail Trump from becoming President again. They are power hungry & will do anything including kill someone to hold that power. Time for the Republicans to step up put up or shut up. Start going after the Dems & making their lives a living HELL.

    • Well said Shirley. I never saw such slow walking. We need to see some hard action and I’m still waiting to see some people handcuffed and arrested. Biden is one of them, and his son, Hunter is another who have committed federal crimes for years, and they still haven’t been arrested. We have a corrupt President and nothing is being done to kick his ass out of the WH together with his shadow regime.

  2. I know it sounds like a simple analogy, but we better stop acting like a bunch of fleas arguing about who owns the dog.
    In other words, while the disfunctional (US) is distracted by all of the nonsence (that seems to be media’s focus), no one notices the elephant in the room. Namely, China. As the disfunction continues, China is doing whatever they want. How many Chinese nationals have illegally entered the US over the last 2 years. Undetected and we don’t know who they are. Seems like a pretty smart strategy, load up on infiltrators, and just wait for the signal, while we keep arguing about who owns the dog. Now, I’m not pointing fingers, because that is part of the problem. Let’s wake up people. There seems to be bigger fish to fry.

    • we will never see the Chinese attack coming because they have already snuck their troops in over our southern border, and the “Chinese military Zones” on the U.S. west coast are their weapons storage, and distribution points already in place to attack from inside the U.S.A.

  3. god worshiping globalists and their god worshiping globalist puppets will pay any god worshiping demonrat criminal voter to lie on their behalf and those god worshiping demonrat criminal voters want to go to heaven with their altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  4. Nothing but a DemonRat smoke and mirror show.
    The Economy, Hunter, Ukraine, Crime, Taxes, & Green Bull Sheet all take a break.


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