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Lawyer Admits To Leaking Witness Video In Trump Election Case

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On Wednesday, an attorney for one of former President Trump’s co-defendants in Georgia admitted to providing videos of defendants who pled guilty to a media outlet.

Attorney Jonathan Miller, who is representing former Coffee County election supervisor Misty Hampton, did not name the outlet and said he leaked the footage in the name of transparency during an emergency hearing.

The Hill has more:

“In being transparent with the court and to make sure that nobody else gets blamed for what happened – and so that I can go to sleep well tonight – judge, I did release those videos to one outlet,” Miller said. “And in all candor, I need the court to know that.”

ABC News was the first outlet to publish the videos on Monday, followed by The Washington Post, which showed four defendants who pleaded guilty in the election interference case – ex-Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, plus former Georgia bail bondsman Scott Hall – interviewing with state prosecutors.

Miller’s confession at Wednesday’s hearing came after Floyd’s lawyers filed additional documents insisting they did not leak the proffers and that the individual who did would come forward.

“It is my understanding that today the individual that disseminated the proffer videos will inform the Court of that fact. … All of this colossal time waste is the direct result of the State’s intentional maneuver to use the typographical error in an email in a motion that the State knows has zero support,” Floyd’s lawyer wrote in court documents filed earlier Wednesday. 

“The State knows that Mr. Floyd and his team were not the cause of any problem and is wasting valuable resources and it will be shown today.” 


  1. Possibility that the 4 were blackmailed or compromised in some fashion .
    Their about face from there initial concrete evidence stances is questionable .


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