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Leftist Protestors Charged After Violent Protest

Arrest image via Pixabay

Five young leftist protestors were charged with domestic terrorism stemming from a violent protest at the planned site of a police training center.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) revealed in a press release that the individuals have been arrested and charged after protesters threw rocks at police cars and attacked EMT workers with rocks and bottles at a fire station near the site.

The string of arrests comes after an attempt to stop the construction of the police training site, which has been dubbed “Cop City,” by camping out in the woods and building entrenchments. 

“Task force members used various tactics to arrest individuals who were occupying makeshift treehouses,” the release said, adding that police found “explosive devices, gasoline and road flares” after clearing out the protest site. 

Francis Carroll, a 22-year-old from Maine, was charged with criminal trespass, domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, felony obstruction, interference with government property and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

Nicholas Olson, a 25-year-old from Nebraska, was charged with domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, interference with government property and obstruction.

Serena Hertel, a 25-year-old from California, was charged with criminal trespassing, domestic terrorism, aggravated assault, obstruction and inciting a riot. 

Leonardo Vioselle, 20, from Macon, Georgia, was charged with criminal trespass, domestic terrorism, and possession for tools of the crime. 

Arieon Robinson, a 22-year-old from Wisconsin, was charged with criminal trespass, obstruction and domestic terrorism. 

“They were shooting pepper balls, tear gas at people who were peacefully holding the forest space right now,” one of the protesters at the scene told WAGA-TV. “I think it’s truly abhorrent.” 

“The City of Atlanta has leased 381 acres of Weelaunee Forest, stolen Muscogee land, to the Atlanta Police Foundation for a police military facility funded by corporations,” the Stop Cop City organization states on its website. “Cop City will never be built. #StopCopCity #DefendWeelaunee.”


  1. You’re quite correct, Mr Page. There must be consequences but because they’re Leftists, they may get away with slaps on the wrists, if that.

  2. I see that only ONE of these Idiots was from Georgia, therefore TAR & FEATHER the non-residents & ship them home on Rail Cars, then ship the Macon Georgia idiot with them, we don’t need him here in our GEORGIA!

  3. To all. Robert Kennedy Jr’s latest book A LETTER TO LIBERALS is a great read.
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  4. Sure, hope they get some jail time. Who would call if they were being assaulted robbed or someone breaking in their place of living? Call the social service. If they get there in time but when they do these people can talk them out of killing or severely harming them

  5. What a despicable bunch of miscreants to have to share this once great country with. They are absolutely useless doing nothing to enhance any part of a society that once was reknown around the world as the best of the best! Why can’t these miserable souls who are so dissatisfied and mad about whatever they are upset about go to one of the countries that suit their ideals, like Russia, Cuba, China, or any other communist or socialist culture !

  6. But…But…But… the land was stolen from the Muscogee!!!
    If you go far enough back you can find that every square foot of land on this planet was once occupied by someone or something else!!!
    These malleable young minds were “stolen” from the loving, fair-minded children they once were and now they are living in a state of guilt-driven, self-hating delusion that they are heroes!!

  7. They simply do not understand the concept that should they find themselves outside that which they profess to hate, most likely their behavior would be met with a violent end. I

  8. If we don’t put a stop to all of this illegal crap now our children and grand children’s lives will not be worth living. Unless we start making it HURT to be a criminal it will not stop! illegal aliens crossing the borders is a crime, shoplifting is a crime, looting is a crime, assault is a crime, car jacking is a crime , anything that harms others is a crime! We need harder sentencing by judges for crimes committed. An eye for an eye! The sentence should match the crime! Yes, I mean the death sentence is appropriate for murder, mandatory jail time for all crimes, comparabale punishment for injuries!


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