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Manhattan Judge Refuses To Recuse Himself from Case Despite Concerning Past Political Contributions

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The Manhattan judge overseeing the hush money case against former President Donald Trump has refused to step away from the case despite his past contributions to Democrats

Merchan rejected the arguments and referenced findings from the New York State Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, which he consulted prior to Trump’s recusal request.

Judge Juan Merchan affirmed his ability to be “fair and impartial” in an opinion rejecting arguments from Trump’s legal team stating that he should recuse himself, according to Fox News.

“We see nothing in the inquiry to suggest that the outcome of the case could have any effect on the judge’s relative, the relative’s business, or any of their interests,” the advisory committee wrote.

Regarding the allegations of personal bias, Merchan said Trump’s team had failed to make a substantive argument.

“Defendant has failed to demonstrate that there exists concrete, or even realistic reasons for recusal to be appropriate, much less required on these grounds,” Merchan wrote. “The speculative and hypothetical scenarios offered by Defendant fall well short of the legal standard.”

Merchan donated $15 to then-candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, $10 to the Progressive Turnout Project and $10 to Stop Republicans during the 2020 election cycle.


  1. It’s that $10 to stop Republicans that tells you all you need to know. He will not be unbiased. He’s a democratt. Republicans play nice and put their political bias aside. Show me a Democrat that does that. I have seen Amy Commy Barrett and the other conservatives on the Supreme Court vote against conservative values based on legal arguments. I have never seen Sota or Beer side with conservatives on anything.

  2. The dems just want judges that follow there agenda. The good guys appoint judges that know the law and the constitution and follow it with brains and common sense

  3. god worshiping globalists and all their god worshiping globalist puppets will continue to create as much evil and as much crime as they can since god and his god worshiping, demonrat criminal party continues to bless them and keep them out of prison .

  4. As always with Dems it’s O.K. for them but not for thou and no one has the guts to turn the tables and take them to court

  5. What do you expect in the Banana Republic we’ve turned into. The only fix is term limits, decapitate the leadership of the FBI and CIA and stop all Federal funding going to sanctuary cities and get your political news from Germany, England, Australia and Japan. Even China’s news has less propaganda the US news outlets.


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