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Michigan Supreme Court Rules On Trump Ballot Bid

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On Wednesday the Michigan Supreme Court rejected the latest bid to keep Donald Trump off the state’s primary ballot.

A liberal-leaning group had appealed a state appeals court ruling that regardless of whether the 14th Amendment disqualifies Trump from holding office, Michigan’s secretary of state lacks the legal authority to remove him from the ballot.

The Democrat-controlled court let that lower ruling stand, stating in an unsigned order that it was “not persuaded that the questions presented should be reviewed by this Court.”

The Hill has more:

In a solo dissent in Michigan on Wednesday, Justice Elizabeth Welch wrote that it was “important” for the state court to issue a decision on the merits given the gravity of the legal questions at issue.

But she likened the case to Minnesota, while drawing contrast to Colorado.

“Significantly, Colorado’s election laws differ from Michigan’s laws in a material way that is directly relevant to why the appellants in this case are not entitled to the relief they seek concerning the presidential primary election in Michigan,” Welch wrote.

Welch also noted that Tuesday’s ruling leaves open the possibility that the plaintiffs could renew their efforts for the general election if Trump becomes the Republican nominee, which polling indicates is very likely.

The ruling is a significant win for Trump as he seeks to appeal the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The 14th amendment prohibits someone from holding “any office … under the United States” if they engaged in insurrection after taking an oath as “an officer of the United States” to “support” the Constitution.

Former President Trump celebrated the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling on Truth Social.

“The Michigan Supreme Court has strongly and rightfully denied the Desperate Democrat attempt to take the leading Candidate in the 2024 Presidential Election, me, off the ballot in the Great State of Michigan,” Trump wrote Wednesday in a Truth Social post. “This pathetic gambit to rig the Election has failed all across the Country, including in States that have historically leaned heavily toward the Democrats.”

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  1. If a stupid group of people in one state can KEEP ONE MAN OFF THE BALLOT, just because they don’t like him, then America needs to shut the doors cause you are NO MORE a free country, you are not the country our forefather fought and died for…….


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