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GOP Lawmakers ‘Swatted’ on Christmas Day

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Two Republican lawmakers had an eventful Christmas Day…

Police officers were called to the homes of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.) and Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY) after false reports were made.

In an X post, Monday, Rep. Williams announced, “Our home was swatted this afternoon. Thanks to the Deputies and Troopers who contacted me before arriving. They left with homemade cookies and spiced nuts! Merry Christmas everyone!”

In a follow-up post, Williams revealed that Capitol and local police were investigating the incident and that five police cars had arrived at his home following the false report.

“Swatting” is the act of making a false police report with the intention that the victim receives a visit from armed law enforcement.

“The deputies & troopers were polite, professional, & prompt. God bless them,” Williams added.

Greene was visited by law enforcement on Monday morning after an anonymous caller told 911 that a man had been shot at the congresswoman’s address.

Local police were reportedly called by the suspect, who took responsibility for the incident and said “they were upset about Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights.’”

“I have been swatted 8 times but the FBI can’t seem to figure out who is responsible for the swatting and says the law doesn’t allow them to track them down,” protested Greene on X following the incident. “The FBI can do so many things, has even abused FISA to spy on hundreds of thousands of Americans, but can not figure out who wants me killed by a hail of bullets fired by a SWAT team responding to murder suicide calls supposedly coming from me.”



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