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Mike L*ndell to Audit DeSantis Election Win

Mike Lindell via Gage Skidmore Flickr

MyPillow CEO and staunch Trump loyalist Mike L*ndell indicated he doesn’t think Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won his re-election battle by the blow-out margins that have been reported.

DeSantis dominated his Democrat opponent Charlie Crist in his midterm election blowout, winning by more than 1.5 million votes, a 19.4% margin of victory.

The Florida Governor won 62 of Florida’s 67 counties, including 59 counties by double digits. DeSantis won Miami-Dade County, the largest county in the state and a Democrat stronghold, by 11 points. He won Palm Beach County, the third largest county in the state and another Democrat stronghold, by three points.

“What we’re doing now is, I’m going after Dade County in the 2022 el*ction. And everyone says, ‘Well, why would you go after Dade County?’” L*ndell said. “This is where Ron DeSantis won Dade County, that’s a Republican won Dade County. Well, for me, I look at deviations, everybody. That’s a deviation.”

“I don’t believe it,” L*ndell claimed. “So I want to show, it’s gonna show everybody just like we always say about Democrats where they st*le their el*ctions, just like they did, the one nice lady in Georgia that got zero votes in her own precinct. I want to find out in Dade County, what happened there because it’s, it’s a deviation from norm, you know, it’s very much a deviation.”

DeSantis has been widely considered to be a top contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination and could pose a major threat to Trump’s campaign if he announces his own campaign.

A series of recent polls have shown DeSantis soaring past Trump in hypothetical matchups.

Last week a Wall Street Journal poll found ​Gov. Ron DeSantis leads former President Donald Trump among Republican primary voters as a potential 2024 nominee and outpaces him in favorability, according to a poll released on Wednesday.

The Florida Republican defeats Trump 52% to 38% among GOP primary voters in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup for the nomination, with 36% saying they would “definitely” vote for DeSantis compared with 29% who are definite for Trump, 



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