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Nikki Haley Commits To Taking Mental Competency Test


Nikki Haley is putting her money where her mouth is.

The former South Carolina Governor and Republican presidential contender committed to taking a mental competency test over the weekend.

Haley, who is polling far behind Trump in the Republican Party presidential primary, made the remarks during a Sunday interview with CBS News’s “Face The Nation.”

“So, Ambassador, you have made mental acuity a signature issue for your campaign for the better part of the past year,” Brennan said. “You’re handing out paper copies now of a cognitive assessment.”

“When do you plan to take it?” Brennan asked. “And are you at all concerned that you might turn off some older voters?”

Haley responded, “I have no problem taking it. And what I have said is, we need to have mental competency tests for anyone over the age of 75. I don’t care if we do it for 50 and up. But what happened with Joe Biden this week and what we’ve seen with Donald Trump is another example of why.”

Haley also took aim at Trump for going on an “unhinged rant” after the New Hampshire primary.

“All he did was talk about revenge. And then you look, he said anyone that supported me was barred permanently from MAGA. Then he pushed the RNC to name him the presumptive nominee. Then he lost his court case and he went on a rant again,” she said. “The problem with all of that is at no point is he ever talking about the American people. He’s never talking about the fact that we have wasteful spending and we’re $34 trillion in debt. He’s not talking about the fact that only 31 percent of eighth-graders in our country are proficient in reading. He’s not talking about an open border, where all it takes is one to have a 9/11 moment. He’s not talking about the lawlessness in our cities. And he’s not talking about anything about the wars that are happening around the world. That’s the problem. That’s what we’re facing when this decision comes down in the election.”



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