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Poll Shows Concerning News For Trump’s Lead

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A new poll suggests Republican voters are increasingly concerned about Donald Trump’s multiple indictments as the candidate competes for the party’s nomination for president.

A new NBC poll shows that nearly half of GOP voters surveyed are skeptical over whether Trump should continue to lead the Republican Party

A new NBC poll shows a majority of Republican voters would vote for Trump in the Republican primary, with 51% listing him as their top choice. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second with 22% of the votes and former Vice President Mike Pence was third with 7%. 

These new numbers come in comparison to how the candidates fared with GOP voters in April, shortly after Trump was indicted in New York in connection to hush-money payments made in 2016. About 46% of Republican voters supported Trump then and 31% said they were backing DeSantis. 

After pleading not guilty to 37 federal charges related to his handling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in June, a combined total of 77% of GOP primary voters said the federal charges gave them either minor concerns (14%) or no real concerns (63%). About 64% of Republican voters also said the various indictments and investigations Trump faces are politically motivated.

However, in a hypothetical Trump-Biden battle, President Biden came out on top with a near majority of the vote (49%). Trump received 45% support. However, a total of 68% of those surveyed stated Biden’s mental and physical health was a major/moderate concern for them.


    • It sounds like the Dem’s Lawfare campaign of kangaroo indictments and trials for everything from littering, being orange, and leading a rebellion and insurrection against America, is having some effect on even some GOP voters. Kangaroo indictments and convictions mean nothing, so those who hesitate in voting for Trump must be morons. The Dems don’t have voting morons exclusively. Some GOP voters are morons too, and believe whatever Dems tell them.

  1. Trump can very easily lose the election for Repubs if he stays in the race and continues demonizing his opponents, like DeSantis. Regardless of the fervor of Trump’s most loyal supporters, they alone are not enough to reelect him in 2024. Too many voters just do not like him as a person and will refuse to vote for him, giving the Dems a return to the White House in 2025. Those who are not diehard MAGAs will not vote for Trump and that includes a lot of more moderate Republicans and suburban women. More voters DO NOT like Trump than those who do. If Trump wins the nomination he will have my vote once again, but I fear he will lose the election again. Especially if the Dems can inject their usual fraud into the electoral process. If the Dems retain the presidency in 2025 we can kiss the America we once knew goodbye.

  2. Fake poll to make Maga supports question Trumps ability to win. Go check comments on YouTube to get a real vibe of Trump supporters. Look at pictures of crowds at Trump events. This is psychological warfare to break us down. Ant true Trump supporter knows by now they will tell us anything to make us not support Trump.

  3. Trump all the way! If he loses support because of the indictments then the left wins! That is exactly why they are throwing everything at him! The charges are intended to undermine his support! If voters don’t wake up and stand behind him the country will be lost! He has stood for us and it is way past time to stand with him! This country is being destroyed from within and there is no stronger person to turn it around!
    Trump 2024 MAGA


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