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Pro-Trump Candidate Beats Moderate Dem in Utah Special Election

Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Celeste Maloy beat state Sen. Kathleen Riebe, a self-described moderate, to win Utah’s special election Tuesday night.

Maloy, a pro-Trump candidate, filled the last remaining seat in the U.S. House of Representatives with her victory in Utah’s 2nd congressional district.

Fox News has more:

As a candidate, Maloy touted her roots growing up in rural southern Utah, of which the district covers a vast portion, and has leaned into her support of former President Donald Trump, arguing the numerous ongoing prosecutions against him are politically motivated.

“It’s exciting that we’re going to have somebody come out of this primary that represents rural and southern Utah. I think it’s time for that, and everybody’s ready for it,” Maloy said following her primary win.

However, Riebe has argued the race is a pickup opportunity for Democrats, and has leaned on her experience as a school teacher while making the case that people in the district “are ready for a change.”

In an interview with Deseret News in August, Riebe expressed concern over the nation’s rising debt, and vowed to join the fiscally conservative Blue Dog Coalition if elected.

“Coming to a very rational decision and having very moderate ideas, I think that is what serves us best,” she told the outlet.

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  1. Personally I don’t think leaning on her experience as a school teacher made her anymore qualified than the other candidate.

  2. I am sure Reibe will contest again in 2024, hanging on to the flailing coat tails of one Joseph Robinette Biden, the Liar-in-Chief. Forget Joseph, just compile the school records during the years she was a teacher and compare that to the increased investment in education in southern and rural Utah. This will help ascertain the increase in diminishing returns that the community achieved and the depriving of successful futures for the younger generations.
    It is about time, we take to task teachers and the teacher’s unions for dereliction of duty, false promises and self-aggrandizement resulting in regression rather than upward progression of the academic system.


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