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Report: Trump’s Truth Social Parent Company Sues 20 Media Outlets

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The parent company to former President Trump’s Truth Social wants $1.5 billion in damages from news organizations that reported that the social media platform had lost $73 million.

In a Monday lawsuit, lawyers for Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. said in the lawsuit that the number was “an utter fabrication” and accused 20 news outlets of a “deliberate, malicious, and coordinated attack” against Truth Social.

Bloomberg has more:

Outlets including the Guardian and Reuters posted stories early last week about Truth Social’s financial condition, citing a regulatory filing by its merger partner, Digital World Acquisition Corporation, a special-purpose acquisition company. Later, at least some of the outlets, including Reuters, posted corrections on their stories.

Reuters and some other publications said they had reached the wrong figure by incorrectly counting a $50.5 million profit for 2022 as a loss. TMTG lawyers said that the “incredible circumstances” of all 20 outlets reporting the $73 million figure within hours of each other suggested a coordinated campaign.

“We dispute any allegation that Reuters defamed TMTG or intended to harm TMTG,” a Reuters spokesperson said in a statement. “We corrected our mistake as soon as TMTG made us aware of it, consistent with the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Reuters remains committed to reporting news fairly and accurately in the public interest.”



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