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Report: Fulton County DA has Discussed Plea Deals More Trump Co-defendants

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New reports indicate Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has discussed potential plea deals with at least six other co-defendants in the Georgia election interference case.

The new reports from CNN show Willis’ office is clearly trying to have as many defendants flip on Trump as possible.

CNN reports:

Pro-Trump lawyer Robert Cheeley is among those who have been offered a plea deal in the Georgia case but, according to his lawyer, turned it down.

“To say that we are currently in discussions with the DA’s office would be an inaccurate representation of what is going on. They made us an offer some time ago and we declined it,” Cheeley’s attorney Richard Rice said.

Former Coffee County, Georgia, elections supervisor Misty Hampton and former Trump campaign official Mike Roman have also been in contact with the DA’s office about a possible deal, multiple sources said.

CNN has confirmed that three other defendants have also discussed a potential plea deal with Fulton County prosecutors but agreed not to name them after sources expressed concerns about speaking about the case at this phase.

So far, four defendants in the case have accepted plea deals.

Earlier this week, Mark Meadows became the latest co-defendant to agree to testify against Trump in exchange for immunity.

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  1. All of the “COWARDS” betraying Trump are despicable. This case is going to be thrown out. The Grand Jury that was opened for it was illegal and corrupt t begin with. This information came directly from Allen Dershorwitz.

  2. OF course globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat criminal party, willis will give them a get out of jail free card if they all lie and tell the lies that globalists and their globalist puppet, god worshiping, demonrat criminal party order them to tell lies .


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