Home News Report: Obama Privately Warns That Trump Is ‘More Formidable’ Than Dems Realize

Report: Obama Privately Warns That Trump Is ‘More Formidable’ Than Dems Realize

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Obama reportedly had a private meeting with President Biden this summer where he warned him that former President Trump is a “more formidable candidate” than many Democrats realize. 

Two people familiar with the meeting informed Washington Post White House reporter Tyler Pager about the private lunch Obama had with Biden in June where the former president told Biden not to underestimate Trump and pledged to support Biden’s re-election bid.

According to the sources, Obama “voiced concern about Donald Trump’s political strengths — including an intensely loyal following, a Trump-friendly conservative media ecosystem and a polarized country — underlining his worry that Trump could be a more formidable candidate than many Democrats realize.”

As such, the 44th president “promised to do all he could to help the president get reelected,” which, Pager added, “was a welcome gesture for the White House at a time when Biden is eager to lock down promises of help from top Democrats.”

The report said, “During their lunch, Obama made it clear his concerns were not about Biden’s political abilities, but rather a recognition of Trump’s iron grip on the Republican Party.”

Regarding Obama’s pledge to help Biden’s campaign, Pager noted how the former president’s aides say he “will reprise his playbook from recent elections.” 



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