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Report: Poppy Harlow To Leave CNN

CNN Headquarters via Wikimedia Commons

Big changes are coming…

Longtime CNN anchor Poppy Harlow is exiting the network.

Harlow, a veteran of CNN who spent nearly two decades on the air, will be departing in May, a CNN spokesperson confirmed to Mediaite.

The news of her departure was first reported by Vanity Fair.

Mediaite has more:

“When I walked in the door at CNN in 2008, I was 25 years old and had never been on live TV. Green is an understatement!” Harlow said in an internal note to colleagues that was obtained by Vanity Fair. “I passed those three iconic red letters in the hall on day one and thought how lucky I was to be here.”

“There’s been plenty written about what’s wrong with journalism, and the challenges our industry faces,” she wrote. “And it does. But there is also so much right with it. At the heart of everything we do is the pursuit of truth – it is the core of CNN. I remain CNN’s biggest fan and I’ll be watching and cheering you on every day.”

She did not reveal her future plans, saying only, “For now, my plan is to walk our children to school and pick them up (hopefully they won’t get sick of me!), and to support the evolution of journalism in every way I can, while preserving the human(ity) in it.”

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    • “At the heart of everything we do it is the pursuit of truth – it is the core of CNN”

      She actually wrote that. You cannot be a liar and declare that your lies are told in the pursuit of truth. It would seem that if she thinks CNN is pursuing the truth that she is delusional having lived for 2 and a half decades in the echo chamber of distortion and cover-up.


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