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Report: Trump Refused Settlement in Classified Docs Case

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Will Donald Trump end up regretting this move?

New reports indicate the former president rejected his attorney’s idea to approach the Justice Department (DOJ) with a settlement offer in the contentious classified documents case to avoid potential charges.

The Hill reports:

Three unidentified sources briefed on the matter told the Post that Christopher Kise proposed quietly approaching the DOJ to reach an agreement that would include the promised return of all remaining documents in Trump’s possession and no indictment. Kise reportedly wanted to try to “take the temperature down” and hoped that the DOJ would agree to avoid indicting a former president. 

The Post reported that the offer was one of several times in which the former president’s attorneys tried to get him to cooperate with the investigation into the classified and sensitive documents kept at his Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Fla., after his presidency ended. 

Seven unidentified Trump advisers with knowledge of the investigation told the Post that the former president told his advisers that the boxes of documents only contained newspaper clippings and clothes and ignored warnings from them about pending legal issues. 

However, other attorneys reportedly pushed Trump to take a harsh stance against the investigation and Kisa ultimately never approached the DOJ with the proposal.

Months later Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed Jack Smith as the special counsel to oversee the investigation. Last week, a 37-count indictment was filed against Trump, making him the first former president to face federal charges. The indictment includes 31 counts of the willful retention of documents in violation of the Espionage Act. 

Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung told the Post that Trump told the DOJ, “you need anything from us, just let us know.” 

“Sadly, the weaponized DOJ rejected this offer of cooperation and conducted an unnecessary and unconstitutional raid on the President’s home in order to inflict maximum political damage on the leading presidential candidate,” Cheung said. 


  1. Trump has done nothing wrong. Garland, Wray are nothing but a couple of rogue thugs using the law which they swore to protect for their own personal, petty vendettas. Garland is mad he was not appointed to the Supreme Court, thank heavens. So he is going to make everyone pay. He is a sick person who only knows corruption. When Trump wins, he should also go after Garland as he is going after Biden with all of his resources.

  2. Why should you negotiate anything when you did nothing wrong?
    It might imply to some that there was something President Trump did deliberately–when in fact HE DID NOTHING MORE THAN ANY OTHER FORMER PRESIDENT [including former Senator Hillary Clinton & VP Mike Pence].
    Bill Clinton took home classified Docs
    use took home classified Docs
    0bama took home classified Docs
    Pence took home classified Docs
    Biden took home classified Docs
    And Hilary Clinton had classified Docs on her email server
    Yet. . . . President Trump was the only one they indicted?

  3. How can they go after Trump when they ignored Hillary having a server with classified material at home?? Obviously to get the documents Trump had meant breaking into Mar Lago … to access a server all you need is a good hacker.

    At least Trump’s were more protected than the documents Biden had that were found at various places including his garage!!


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