Home News Trump-endorsed Congresswoman Defeats McCarthy-backed Primary Challenger

Trump-endorsed Congresswoman Defeats McCarthy-backed Primary Challenger


South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace emerged victorious over a serious primary challenge on Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, The Associated Press projected that Mace won renomination in South Carolina’s competitive Low Country-based 1st Congressional District by defeating Catherine Templeton, a former director of South Carolina’s labor agency who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2018, and Marine Corps veteran Bill Young.

Templeton was backed by millions spent by outside groups aligned with former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“We did it – You, Lowcountry voters did it! A thousand times over – THANK YOU!,” Mace wrote in a social media post moments after her race was called.

Last week, Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) reportedly confronted fellow South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson on the House floor Tuesday after he endorsed her primary opponent.

Fox News Digital spotted Mace and Wilson having what appeared to be a tense exchange during House votes late Tuesday afternoon, hours after Wilson released a statement backing Catherine Templeton to unseat her.

Mace told Fox News that she told Wilson she “would never do to him what he has done to me,” and “we needed to stop the infighting and unify so we can win it all in November.”

“Too much at stake,” Mace added. “And that there is a place in the party for people like me, people like him, Trump, MAGA, independents, women, everyone. Oh, and that I was working hard to crush it Tuesday.”



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