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Trump Fires Back at Republicans Refusing To Endorse Him

Mike Pence via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Trump is responding after his former running mate and vice president said last week that he would not endorse Trump’s latest presidential campaign.

Trump spoke with a group of reporters after he cast his ballot in the Florida primary election, which he later won. Trump was asked how he felt about Pence’s recent comments.

“Oh, I couldn’t care less,” Trump told the press corps. “I couldn’t care less. We need patriots. We need strong people in our country. Our country is going downhill very fast, very rapidly.”

He added: “Millions of people coming across the border, coming from jails, from prisons, coming from mental institutions and insane asylum terrorists. We need strong people in this country. We don’t need weak people.”

Pence, who briefly ran for president in the 2024 cycle, announced last week that he would not endorse his former running mate.

“It should come as no surprise that I will not be endorsing Donald Trump this year,” Pence said on “The Story.”

“I’m incredibly proud of the record of our administration. It was a conservative record that made America more prosperous, more secure and saw conservatives appointed to our courts in a more peaceful world,” he added. “What I’m going to spend the rest of this year on is talking about what we should be for. And that is the broad mainstream conservative agenda that’s defined our party and always made America strong and prosperous and free.”


  1. The sooner the GOP severs contact with RINO politicians the sooner the GOP will be able to govern in a constitutional, conservative manner, and not just as Democrat-Lites. Republicans should be united as Democrats are.


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