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Trump Hints Ex-Rival Could Hold Position In Future Admin.

Image via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former President Donald Trump teased that North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum could serve in an “important” role in his administration.

Trump, who has yet to announce a running mate, ton 98 out of Iowa’s 99 counties on Monday.

“Doug Burgum from North Dakota, the governor and his beautiful wife, Catherine, and he got out of the race,” Trump said following his projected Iowa win, addressing the North Dakota governor on stage beside him. Burgum notably suspended his 2024 campaign in December, just six months after launching his dark horse presidential bid. 

“What people don’t know is that he actually supported me on the other side twice already. Right?” Trump said of Burgum. “That he decided to do it and he was outstanding. But the traction is never easy, right? You need controversy for traction sometimes. And this guy is the most solid guy. There’s no controversy whatsoever. And he’s one of the best governors in our country. And I hope that I’m going to be able to call on him to be a piece of the administration, a very important piece of the administration.” 

Burgum, who dropped out of the race endorsed Trump on Sunday.

Burgum is in his second term as governor and is eligible to seek a third in 2024, though he has not indicated whether he plans to run again.

Trump said during a Fox News town hall last week that he already knew who he would choose as his vice presidential running mate but would not announce the decision yet. 



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