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Trump Sues Prominent Journalist Bob Woodward

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Former President Donald Trump suing journalist Bob Woodward over interview recordings that Trump alleges he didn’t agree could be included in his audiobook, “the Trump Tapes.”

The lawsuit, filed in the Pensacola division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida, names Simon & Schuster Inc. and its parent company Paramount Global as defendants along with Woodward. Trump seeks more than $49 million in damages.

According to The Hill, Trump noted that he consented to Woodward recording their conversations for the purpose of a book, and gave 19 interviews to the veteran journalist in 2019 and 2020, which Woodward included in his 2020 book “Rage” but did not agree to the interviews’ being published via audiobook.

“This case centers on Mr. Woodward’s systematic usurpation, manipulation, and exploitation of audio of President Trump gathered in connection with a series of interviews conducted by Mr. Woodward,” Trump’s team argues in the filing.

“The Defendants’ ongoing concerted efforts to profit off the protected audio recordings and the works they have distributed derived from the protected audio recordings have caused President Trump to sustain substantial damage,” the suit continues.

The former president’s team is pursuing a number of counts against the defendants, including unjust enrichment, violation of Florida trade law and breach of contract. At one point, the filing also alleges that the audiobook misrepresented one of the pair’s interviews through editing. 

Woodward, 79, is one of the two Post journalists that famously broke the Watergate scandal


  1. Great ! It’s about time our great leader gets relief from the useless MISERY he has had to endure. God bless him & his family.

  2. Woodward Wasn’t Even a Journalist when he went after Nixon. He was a Deep State Employee of either the CIA or the FBI! Nixon Knew Kennedy was taken out by the Feds so they went after him. President Ford was on the Warren Commission that Claimed Oswald was ‘a Lone Gunman” Not Working for the Feds!


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