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Trump Trade Adviser Ordered to Hand Over Hundreds of White House Emails


The Justice Department has ordered former Trump administration trade advisor Peter Navarro to hand over hundreds of emails from a personal encrypted account that he used while working in the White House.

Navarro was required to turn over any records generated or received while working in his official capacity for the president under the Presidential Records Act (PRA). This explicitly includes records sent or received on an unofficial account.

However, the former Trump advisor argued that the PRA does not impose an obligation on him to turn over presidential records, cannot be enforced because there is no explicit mechanism, and is “’vague’ and unsettled,”

In Thursday’s opinion, District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly rejected each of Navarro’s arguments as to why he felt he didn’t need to turn over the emails from his personal account.

“These arguments ignore or contravene the statute’s purpose, framework and provisions,” Kollar-Kotelly noted in her opinion.

According to reports from The Hill, Navarro’s attorneys identified between 200-250 emails that would qualify as presidential records in response to a request by the Department of Justice, but he refused to turn them over.

The DOJ sued Navarro for the Proton Mail account materials last year after the former adviser refused to turn them over without a “grant of immunity.” 


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  2. Navarro should just tell this left wing judge to ” bugger off ” and refuse. Lets see what they can do to force him to release this stuff? When dealing with folks like this judge, I would just tell him to pound sand and see what happens!! Sometimes just saying NO is effective!!

  3. I would advise for the Republicans to turn over zero of anything until we see Obama’s records unsealed to see if he was really an American which everyone knows he was not he is a gay Muslim terrorist and there are several other pieces of paper we need about the corrupt Biden family in the Department of Justice that they refuse to turn over so they can go fuck themselves

  4. We certainly MUST pray for T R U T H to come out!! Lies are straight from hell and we KNOW
    who the Father of them IS!! I have heard that a lie can get all around the world before the truth
    ties its first shoe!!!

  5. Comrade Xi den and his looney lefties are scared to death of our real President. Especially now that the “insurrection” has been totally debunked.

  6. Burn them. This judge doesn’t know the law. If Hunter and Joe can have documents all over America and not get raided then this man does not have to listen to this Karen judge. Just burn them.

  7. god continues to bless his globalists and his globalist puppets; soros and chester biden and zelensky and his demonrat criminal party and his rino criminal party and his media and his altar boy raping demonrat priests and all his CRIMINAL organizations; doj, fbi, irs, cdc, usps, fisa, tsa, cia, fcc, fda, un, nato etc .


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