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Trump Valet Pleads Not Guilty in Mar-A-Lago Case

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On Thursday, former President Donald Trump’s valet Walt Nauta pleaded not guilty in a Miami, FL courtroom over his role in the ongoing Mar-A-Lago classified documents case.

Nauta, a former White House military valet, is facing charges on six counts in the case after he was spotted on security cameras moving boxes in and out of the storage room at Trump’s Florida residence according to The Hill.

Court filings describe Nauta as moving boxes in advance of a visit by former Trump attorney Evan Corcoran, who was set to retrieve documents in order to comply with a subpoena from the Justice Department seeking the return of all records with classified markings.

Nauta is accused of coordinating with Trump to conceal the documents from Corcoran and investigators.  

Nauta appeared in court alongside Trump on June 13, but was not arraigned as he had yet to secure counsel in Florida.

Nauta, who remains a valet to Trump, has been ordered not to discuss the case with the former president except through their attorneys.

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