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Amanda Head: Budweiser Spits In The Face Of Customers


Beloved beer brand Budweiser seems to be going through an identity crisis…

Over the weekend, Bud Light announced its partnership with trans social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney. The partnership has been met with shock and intense criticism.

Watch Amanda explain the latest controversy below:

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  1. I have never seen sooooo many down right stupid CEO’s all in one place… Really? You want o do what? Put trans gender men and women on the cans of beer???? They like they’re wines and Prosecco’s, beer is the drink of men and women who don’t mind working up a sweat.

  2. I’ve just dumped every thing in our garage refrigerator that ties to Budweiser down the drain and will never purchase another Budweiser product. What in the “Hell” were they (management) thinking. t

  3. Is there something in the new Budweiser that compels those who drink it to become victims of twisted logic? Both for and against our natural evolution? . The twisted logic that men can become women and the mutilation employed to do it will make it so defies logic. Your sex is in your evolutionary DNA. Your brain can be trained to deny evolution but only surgical and drug intervention will try, unsuccessfully, to make it so. Will there be a form of transmutation or gainof function that tries to make a third sex comprised of both creating and delivery of a human baby attempted by a compromised medical facility? Probably. I hope that time is years away. I don’t want to be around when civilization goes down a rat hole to alter it’s genes.

  4. A slap in the face of women. There are more that is doing it as well. We are calling and emailing all these companies that is backing this It person Mulvaney. We will never purchase another one of their products. Why don’t the pay the electric bills for all the elder s that can’t afford to since Biden stole the election.


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