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Amanda Head: Cori Bush Is A Moron

Cori Bush via Wikimedia Commons

Liberal member of “The Squad” Cori Bush is a moron. Plain and simple.

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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  1. How do these incompetent,ignorant,stuipid, dumbocrap commie people get elected? It’s hard to believe that dumbocraps, even vote for these total losers, to our government,to just make problems, and cause chaos so nothing gets done.

  2. Cori Bush represents a Congressional district that is representative of years and years of being on government assistance, e.g., high rates of illiteracy, high drop-out rates, extremely high crime rates, and of course, heavily dependent upon government handouts! In other words, a typical Democrat controlled urban population.
    I give Ms. Bush credit for wanting to get into politics, but her background limits her to supporting/voting for “more of the same” versus trying to effect positive changes. Never have I heard her point out what her constituency needs to focus on to move above and out of their poverty and deplorable social conditions. Her fallback position for those who would point this out, is typically what most Democrats do – call it Racism!


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