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DeSantis Responds To Opponents Who Claim He Doesn’t Have Enough ‘Personality’ To Be President


Ron DeSantis is paying no attention to the critics.

During an interview with Piers Morgan, the popular Florida Governor laughed off critics who claim he lacks the personality to be elected president.

“One of the other criticisms that is used against you about your personality, probably because some people don’t know you very well, because those who do, who I’ve spoken to, tell a different story,” Morgan said. “But you’re being depicted in some of the national media as very intense, quite boring, charisma devoid.”

Morgan said that one critic who reviewed DeSantis’ book said that DeSantis “would launch any charm offensive unarmed.”

“Well, I appreciate the knocks on the book, it’s the number one book in America far and away,” DeSantis responded after chuckling. “I’ve sold more than any non-president in the history of the country in terms of the first week, so we’ve been doing pretty good, a lot of people like it.”

“So here’s the thing, I think these are people who are in the political class, journalist class, politicians in, like, D.C. in particular, they get mad I don’t do the cocktail parties,” DeSantis said. “I don’t like rubbing elbows with other people. I like doing my job and then spending time with my family. That’s just what I do.”

“A lot of the people that are criticizing, you know, they would say, ‘Oh, he doesn’t do well with donors. He doesn’t glad hand with them,’” he said. “And yet I raise more money than any non-presidential candidate in the history of America! Are you kidding me?”

DeSantis concluded that “I deal better with regular people than I do with some of the people in the political class, and I think that has been true for the entire time I’ve been around”


  1. Its just my opinion but I find DeSantis rather boring. However, yes he did well in a purple state but a lot of Republicans moved to Florida he should have gotten voted in easily. So Florida is not a Country Stage and DC is brutal for any Conservative with that being said I am not in the mood for a dull feel like we would go back to the Status quo candidate. However, Trump already go the bias political knocks fought back and is winning because he is smarter funnier and dead serious about MAGA FOR US! America First is the name of the game! DeSantis is playing chicken in his own State waiting to announce a presidential run because there is a law that if you run for president and lose you cannot continue to be Governor. There in the process of possibly changing that rule? I say just come out and make the announcement already! yawn!!

  2. Desantis is not what he pretends to be people don’t fall for this dictator, be careful you didn’t listen about biden obama look at the mess that have done to this country democratic communist party need eradicated immediately from all government departments state federal from biden his administration to governors, mayors, legislative politicians, judges, lawyers,


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