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Amanda Head: DeSantis Campaign Caught Using Fake Photos to Smear Trump

Ron DeSantis via Gage Skidmore Flickr

This is a new low.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had enough of Trump’s insults and the gloves are coming off.

watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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  1. I HAD hoped – ? trip flash back ? – that the 2 leaders would come to their senses and run as a T/D ticket and give us 12 potential years of Constitutional REPUBLICAN government… Now, all I can see is the unified-don’t-care-who vote of the blue wall winning. Politicians really ARE children. I WILL vote for the Republican candidate in the general election – however repugnant, if not TRUMP, that choice will be – but ONLY because I KNOW what the Socialist/Communist Left would give us. I cannot betray the so many generations of my family that have served in the wars of these States (cannot say “united” anymore in good faith) with a vote for the left. The long and short of it is … well … the country is screwed.

  2. If some cruel twist of fate allows Ron DeSantis to get the Repulican nomination, I will have no choice but to hold my nose and vote for him because I can not vote for a democrat communist. While I believe him to be one of the best governors in the United States, I have lost all respect for him as a leader because he has NO LOYALTY except to himself. He would NEVER have become Governor without President Donald Trump’s support, and in my book that requires a large amount of loyalty. IF President Trump had not fulfilled his promises in his first administration, and IF the election had not been stolen in 2020, we would have a different situation. My second thought is that Ron DeSantis was elected Governor of Florida by a large majority, but apparently he has NO LOYALTY to the citizens who elected him. He has so little respect for the voters in Florida that he went so far as to have the laws changed so that he can run for President WITHOUT resigning as Governor. In my opinion, NO ONE should be allowed to run for a higher office until they fulfill their obligation to complete the term of office to which they were first elected.

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  4. survivor of WW2 and knowing that the big man in the Democrat party George SORROS runs the show
    a man born in Hungary ,living in Germany who sold his own people to the Gestapo.and then took all their belongings ,makes me sick .The same pos that almost ruined the Bank of England.with his shenanigans .is in charge of the Democrat party. now he is going to retire putting his corrupt son in charge NO wonder that same son.has been to the White House over 17 times since Biden took over.
    goot to get the chain of command in control again right JOE


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