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Amanda Head: DeSantis Is In! Tell Us Your Thoughts!


The showdown between former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has America hooked.

Have you already made up your mind or are you waiting for a fight?

Watch Amanda below:

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    • We Republicans are the dumbest people in world ! ! ! We have the best leaders available for office that could clean up the Obama, Biden mess poste-haste so what do we do we run them against EACH OTHER! ! ! It should be TRUMP FOR PRRESIDENT, DESANTIS FOR VICE PRES followed by the next 2 terms DESANTIS FOOR PRESIDENT WITH ANY OF THE GOOD CHOICES LEFT Some one recently reminded 2 people from same state cannot run together. Trump would only have to reestablish his NY address for WHILE !

  1. DeSantis is a greatly more electable candidate than Trump in the GENERAL election. We heartily support RD for president. The choice in 2024 should be clear to all:


  2. I’m all for DeSantis for 2024. DeSantis is electable. We voted for Trump in 2016 & 2020 but, his 2020 loss and the failure of his backed candidates in 2022, plus his legal problems will cause him to loose in 24.

  3. I like both! But DeSantis need to get some charisma and wait for 4 years. Only a businessman/politician can fix the problems we face. Go GOP! Go DT – 1st!! DeSantis – 2nd!

  4. I’d rather see a Trump/DeSantis ticket. We need DeSantis as VP in 2024 then as President for the following eight years.

  5. Trump supported DeSantis for governor and now DeSantis  wants to remove him. DeSantis is a traitor and a wimp. Trump will lead us as president in 2024. Come on, MAGA!

  6. I like Trump and DeSantis. But I have personal proof that FL is a corrupt lawless mafia state. $800,000 in assets were stolen by a realtor and no state agency or law firm would help. Yes I do have the proof.

  7. Trump is my pick. There is one thing that has turned me off from DeSantis. When he toured the countries recently he acted like he was already President. I resent that when someone does that. He will never get my vote. He acts like he knows everything. Will not go into other things but this stood out to me more than some of them I do not trust DeSantis..

  8. DeSantis has no business campaigning for another position in his second half of second term as governor. As a Floridian I am disappointed in his move. I didn’t vote for him to be on the campaign trail and be a part time governor till Election Day. Having Jeb Bush in his corner is not a good look. Guess DeSantis true colors are coming out now and it’s not a good look. RINO

  9. I’m in on Trump!!!! He did great & we know what we had!!!!!
    Go Trump!!!!!! Trump 2024 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ MAGA❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. We have very strong Trump supporters in our community but better yet have the awesome reputation of support for Republican candidates these past few years. So, apparently when Ron DeSantis and his staff went looking for the first place for him to open his country-wide campaign, he chose to come here. There is no doubt he will have wide spread local support and people will turn out in droves. I do not think they will be able to fit everyone in, but we’ll see. South Carolina is a bastion of Republican support, but there has been an unbelievable mass migration from northern states these past two years, so it has become more liberal as time marches on. There is also a strong local support for Tim Scott and Nikki Haley who reside in this state, so people are stretched between these four candidates come primary time. It certainly will be interesting.

  11. Trump is the only one mean enough and smart enough to straighten this mess out in 4 years, then DeSantis can have his turn.

  12. DeSantis should have thrown in for Trump. He would then have a shot at MAGA votes in ’28, but now, he’s lost any chance at ’24, ’28, ’32…

  13. I think that the Republican Party is STUPID. The Dem stand behind every thing 100%.

    The Republicans never do that.

    President Trump was probably the best President America has had at least for the last 100 years, maybe forever.

    What do the Republicans do, we start looking for someone to run against him as soon after, actually before ,he ever announced.


  14. I wish that Trump and DeSantis could get along well enough that Trump could run as president and DeSantis could Run as vice president. There are a lot of Republicans that would make a good president, unfortunately we don’t need good presidents, we need great presidents. With 4 years of Trump and 8 years of DeSantis that gives us 12 years of great presidents and if DeSantis can pick a vice president that also is a great president, that gives us 20 years, that is how long it will take to undue all of the damage that the Democrats have done.

  15. If only Trump can ally with him on Policies Hooray Yes
    Name calling off camera OK
    Need a United GOP OK

  16. I am 100% in for President Donald J. Trump! MAGA!!! I wish the Republican “candidates” would all rally around President Trump. He is the only one who can turn our Country around (before it’s too late)

  17. The ideal situation would for Trump ask DeSantis to be his Vice President. After Trump’s second term is over, DeSantis would a shue in for President.

  18. As long as The Lord wants President Trump to continue as President, how could I want anything else?
    I have greatly respected much of what DeSantis has done as my governor, but he did allow red flag gun laws, gave the medical industry freedom from law suits during their dangerous efforts against us with the jab, and has a questionable past as congressman. Still not sure how he would do as President??


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