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Amanda Head: ‘Jesus Revolution’ Beats Half A Decade Of Movies For Lionsgate


Liberal Hollywood can’t believe it.

While most of Hollywood openly steers away from religion-especially Christianity one film is soaring up the box office charts.

Watch Amanda explain the latest situation below:

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  1. It’s ironic that the right is praising this wonderful movie, as most conservatives in the 1960s disliked the ‘drugheads’ who were a big part of the movement. The ‘left’ — which many people on the right now see as anyone who disagrees with them in any way — is ‘Christian’ in the same proportions as those on the right, though sometimes differing in what they see as Christian: The left, for example, doesn’t denounce homosexuals.

    It’s a shame that conservatives can’t see that many liberals are as Christian as they are. Members on both sides of this ‘divide’ in my church enjoyed seeing the film together and discussing it — a shame that more churches aren’t like this.

  2. If you advocate that a woman’s “prerogative” is more valuable/important than an innocent baby’s life?…. Sorry, you aren’t going to afford the privilege of my support, endorsement, or even enjoy my passive acceptance.

    In fact, what is requested of Christian’s holding this view is not mere “passive acceptance”, but rather a demand that we endorse it. That will never happen. If you murder a 1 month old baby or a baby 1 month in the womb? To us? Murder. And catch this- If we truly see both examples as murder(?) and then stay silent about? Then we are worse than those that who would perpetuate the crime (if done in an unknowing frame of mind).

    Think that one through. And to pretend this is not the ELEPHANT in the room that causes the divide? Foolishness.

  3. I think that’s awesome! You know, Christian production companies, actors, writers, sound track people should all have awards shows. They work so hard to get the good word out through their wholesome shows. A lot of work goes into those shows. In fact, they have to work harder to present the quality shows that outshine the ones made in Hollywood. Probably a lot of the regular awards shows that Hollywood is losing, the Christian ones would pick up. I think it’s wonderful that we have a choice. Thank you for that.


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