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Amanda Head: Leftist Censorship is Now Targeting Talk Radio!

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Nothing is off limits to the radical left…

Electric vehicle producers are contemplating removing AM radio from future models citing safety concerns…but there’s more to it.

Watch Amanda explain the controversy below:

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  1. Is the issue really about possible, and quite preventable, electronic interference from the engine, or is it that it’s the major medium for CONSERVATIVE talk radio? Just how far will we let the tyrannical propagandistic left go in trying to control or censor freedom of expression, of communication?

  2. Radio frequency shielding is a VERY old technology dating back to when AM radio was all that was available in a car radio. I wish to echo Recce1 in guessing that what is being brought forth falls under the category of a “lame excuse” and a way to limit exposure to conservative ideas. How about broadcasting conservative talk radio on the FM band?

  3. There are some markets with talk on FM, but talk is primarily on AM because talk doesn’t need the high fidelity that FM offers. So, nonmusic programming tends to gravitate to AM because there, it’s worth more than music programming. On FM, due to the fidelity of the sound, music programming is more valuable than talk, generally speaking.

  4. Why aren’t the Republicans suing the Dems over the infringement on the First Amendment?
    Doesn’t anyone remember what the First Amendment says??
    “Congress SHALL MAKE NO LAW respecting the establishment of prohibiting the free exercise Thereof; or abridging The Freedom of Speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and petition the Government for a redress
    of grievances.

    What exactly do electric car makers or politicians, or anyone else including the media, and newspapers NOT understand about “abridging the Freedom of Speech???
    Are they against the American people, or just plain stupid?? PICK ONE!
    This is a “no brainer” folks.

  5. Time to fight back. Use acronyms instead of whole words in your speech so not kicked out of regular on line areas. We can play their game. Don’t let them taunt you, we know we’re better. Just get ahead in anyway possible. Many others will end up backing you. They’re wrong & they know it. They’re using brute force in public.. We have to get rid of their incompetent people. Talk to as many people as possible. Don’t let it bother you when they use the T word, tell them to move forward.. that always gets them. Tell them to quit blaming the past, that gets them too. Find their weaknesses! Play them!


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