Home Opinion Amanda Head: Nailbiter – GA Senate Race Is Neck and Neck!

Amanda Head: Nailbiter – GA Senate Race Is Neck and Neck!


The Georgia Senate runoff election is going to be a heated battle and neither candidate is giving up ground. Trump-endorsed candidate and former University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker (R) is nearly tied against incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock as they continue campaigning for the Dec. 6th election.

Watch Amanda break it down below.

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  1. Will you vote for Herschel or Joe Biden. If you light to pay extra high prices vote for Joe`s rubber stamp. You socialist’s who like free stuff rather than working need to realize that when the interest rate goes higher not only is some of our governments money wasted on paying interest on our national debt instead of our armed forces, all government employees, etc, but at some point out debt may break our treasury! I we print money without backing that reduces the value of the money in your pocket and your bank. The wealthy politicians don`t care as they can still get by. Always vote for the candidate who will do positive things for our economy not your favorite party, voting isn`t a sport contest or a game!


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