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Amanda Head: Polls Change In Wake Of Potential Trump Arrest News


Support for Donald Trump is surging after news broke that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg plans to indict the former president this week.

Watch Amanda explain the latest developments below:

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  1. The Dems are so afraid of Donald Trump Winning in 2024 they keep on with this false masquerade.
    This SOROS idiot Prosusuitor…….is a George Soros clone……….he baked him and paid so much money to NY to elect him that is the only reason this racist idiot is in his position. But it will not make a good Name for him, only bad news………..

  2. Dems dont know when to shut up or stop. Those thinking of supporting other Repubs, now will definitely go back behind DJT. Are you happy Dems?

    • dems are not bright shining super stars like President Trump. Their forcing marxism/communism on the good Patriots of AMERICA HAS UNITED AND GROWN US LIKE NEVER BEFORE. TRUMP 24 LEGALLY, PEACEFULLY AND CONSTITUTIONALLY. WE DO NOT CHANGE LAWS TO FIT OUR TAKE-OVER PLOT, WE OBEY THE LAW.

  3. Bragg does not care about the law or this would not be happening as his actions show.
    He is letting off criminals in New York City & the crime is skyrocketing! Let this person have his 15 minutes of fame going after Trump which he said he would do in his campaign & this will come to bite him deeply as it should. He has no idea of the backlash he will receive & so justly deserve.

    • Braff is a leftwing, liberal, socialist/communist and actually should already have been locked up for his sexual escapes with teenage boys earlier his career, but the leftists bought off the judges. Somebody should reopne those cases and the boys (now men) sue him in civil court.


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