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Amanda Head: Waking Up Early Is Racist


A recent article claims that the notion of waking up early with the rising sun is rooted in white supremacy…It doesn’t get more unbelievable than this.

Watch Amanda explain the situation below:

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  1. That is always the thing If these morons of the left act They know that they are wrong in what they are doing they say everything is racist They are a bunch of losers that can’t stand the fact that they are worthless fucking morons Their only idea is to tear down our country Now finally the citizens of this country are waking up They can see that the liberals are full of shit past their eyeballs They are sickening in the things that they say and do Maybe this will drive them crazier and they can drown in their own tears They are a despicable bunch of heathen fucks that really need to be incinerated and sent to China for food The stupid sons of bitches over there will eat anything So watch out for your balls men I have heard that Xi likes big American balls since he has none


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