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Biden’s Classified Materials Scandal Part of ‘Dark Money’ Nightmare – Will Dems Finally Turn on Him?

President Joe Biden delivers remarks in National Statuary Hall on the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Thursday, January 6, 2022, in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Cameron Smith)

ANALYSIS – The separate disclosures of highly classified materials found in three different locations tied to Joe Biden, and his delay in making public the first discovery in November seem to be souring even the most ardent Bidenistas.

Per the New York Post, Biden’s loyal lap dog, Attorney General Garland, “solidifying his reputation as a bitter partisan hack, kept secret the first Biden document finding of Nov. 2 until after the midterm elections and seemed to be hiding each new finding until it was forced into the open.” 

Biden’s prior harsh words about Trump “how could anyone be that irresponsible?” with classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago in August are now coming back to haunt him.

And the president’s responses to questions about the documents, like dismissing the risk to national security, because, you know, they were in a locked garage next to his prized Corvette, have only made things worse.

And so has his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, whose avoidance, refusal to answer, dissembling, and nonsensical doublespeak, has become a serious sore spot among White House correspondents, not to mention the public at large.

The New York Post reports:

When reports emerged last Monday that multiple classified documents were found in an office Biden used after leaving the White House as vice president, the propaganda media circled the wagons around him by insisting he’s no Donald Trump. They had a point — up to a point. 

But when reports two days later said a second batch of supposedly secret papers was found in Biden’s Delaware garage, the wall of media protection showed some cracks as the differences between the presidents’ cases narrowed. And when an additional classified page was found in Biden’s Delaware library, and a special prosecutor was appointed Thursday to investigate him, the defenders made a hasty retreat. 

What makes this far more than just a mishandled classified documents scandal though, is the two locations where the materials were found. 

Both connect to far bigger scandals — Chinese influence on the Biden family, corruption, pay-to-play schemes, and Hunter Biden.

One – The Penn Biden Center – (well a closet in an office at this Center’s office space). This is the essentially made-up entity created to pay Biden $900,000 for doing almost nothing after leaving the White House as VP in 2017.

But beyond the sleaziness of that deal, the University of Pennsylvania got $54.6 million in donations from Communist China from 2014 through June 2019, including $23.1 million in anonymous gifts starting in 2016.

The Post reported: “The Penn Biden Center is a dark-money, revolving-door nightmare where foreign competitors like China donated millions of dollars to the university so that they could have access to future high-ranking officials,” said Tom Anderson, director of the Government Integrity Project at the Virginia-based National Legal and Policy Center.

Was some of that money siphoned off to pay Joe? Was this a result of payoffs tied to Hunter’s Chinese business deals? And, did China gain access to the documents found there, or others ones not found?

Two – Biden’s beach house. Hunter lives in the Delaware house, raising concerns he might have seen the documents, which were not secured beyond being in a locked garage next to Joe’s Corvette, while others were apparently found in the house itself.

Did Hunter have access to these highly classified documents? Did he disclose the contents to his Chinese colleagues?

We may soon have answers to these important questions. Especially since they have resurfaced now just the aggressive new GOP-led house begins its investigations into the Bidens.

The timing could not be worse for Biden.

As the POST writes: “Long before the document bombshells, GOP leaders vowed to follow the millions upon millions of dollars that Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, Joe’s brother, got abroad from selling access to Joe. Based on the contents of Hunter’s laptop, it’s certain that Joe benefited from foreign payments.” 

As Rep. James Comer of Kentucky put it, “We’re not investigating Hunter Biden. We’re investigating Joe Biden.” 

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  1. This idiot has no business running this country…He never was truly elected, he was put in place by nefarious means.
    He needs to be impeached and impeached fast before we completely lose this country. God Save us all!

  2. I think they need to spend more time investigating both Trump and Biden’s documents and review the Jan. 6th mess and see which persons disgraceful deeds are the worst. Trump should have been impeached early on. It seems the republicans are still desperate to get him elected again.

  3. No the demented dems, the “Ass Party” as it is their mascot, will not turn against Let’s go Brandon. Instead they wii “Circle the Wagons round Brandon to protect him from being accused of any thing at all. It has already been reported that, speculating dems, the classified material was planted by the GOP. Already we see the salvos of misinformation being fired from the circle of wagons.

  4. Let’s see, how could the dems make their base really mad and remove Biden from office at the same time? Well one way, might be to have the Republicans waste a lot of time and money impeaching him. That could help them out in any number of ways while bringing the other two stooges into the plot. Harris could take over immediately and the puppet masters could go back to business as usual. Another benefit would be that the dems themselves would get to pick a vice president and here they would have a ready made divisive hack ready to go. Newsome is all too willing to step in and fill the shoes of Harris. The self avowed commie gives way to the commie wannabe to complete the destruction of America. Newsom could be president if anything happened to Harris and in 2024, the dems could pit one against the other to make Newsom look like the less extreme candidate like they did with Joe. I know people just love a good conspiracy theory and there is nothing really to keep this from happening. The Republicans have proven over and over that the dems can do anything they want and the GOP will not stand in their way, so far.


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