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C*VID Could Be Linked to China’s Secret Biowarfare Program: House GOP Intel Report

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ANALYSIS – While I never claimed C*VID was a deliberately released Chinese b*oweapon or even explicitly that it was part of a b*oweapons program, I did point out that China had an extensive biowarfare program that could be involved with the creation and leak of the v*rus.

I also explored the likely theory that C*VID-*9 accidentally escaped from the BSL-4 bio lab at the W*han Institute of Vir*logy.

This was the W*han bio-leak theory.

To me, this was a no-brainer and something any intelligence analyst of any merit should have been evaluating when C*VID first surfaced in W*han, China, in December 2019.

However, the mere mention of any of these considerations was immediately crushed by so-called scientific experts, the media, left-leaning politicians and a host of others, branding it disinformation or misinformation to even mention the possibility that C*VID could be man-made.

Big Tech social media platforms quickly made it their job to ferociously suppress any discussion that China may have accidentally created C*VID, much less that it could be tied to a Chinese military b*owarfare program.

This censorship affected scientists, and others, and even resulted in many respected persons, including me, being canceled by social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. [Editor’s Note: This article is currently being censored]

This draconian response was partly due to President Trump noting this was a possibility, producing a visceral reaction to say the opposite.

But the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) was also part of the major effort to downplay any connection between C*VID and China’s b*oweapons, claiming in an October 2021 Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) assessment that S*RS-C*V-2 was “probably not a b*ological weapon.”

Over time, as the evidence piled up, and experts became less afraid to contradict the official narrative, more and more reporting was done pointing to the W*han bio lab as the potential source of an accidental leak.

And now we are going beyond that and potentially linking C*VID to China’s secretive military b*owarfare effort.

A new unclassified report released by GOP members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) argues that C*VID-*9 “may have been tied” to China’s b*ological weapons research program.

The minority report, released on Dec. 14 states that “there are indications that S*RS-C*V-2 may have been tied to China’s biological weapons research program and spilled over to the human population during a lab-related incident at the W*han Institute of Vir*logy (WIV).”

Significantly, the committee blamed the intelligence community when it further stated in its report that it has “reason to believe that the IC downplayed the possibility that S*RS-C*V-2 was connected to China’s b*oweapons program based in part on input from outside experts.”

These ‘outside’ experts the IC relied on were of course extremely biased, many with political, ideological or financial agendas.

The GOP report also highlights that the intelligence community has “failed to comply” with numerous requests for information—including bipartisan committee questions about the experts relied upon for its assessment.

As The Epoch Times reported, Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, noted the IC’s non-compliance when he stated: “We should know who is making these decisions and how they are coming to their conclusions. I think that’s our responsibility as oversight, and to date, we have not received that information.”

Expect the Republican majority to push the intelligence community harder on this issue when it takes control of the HPSCI and other related committees.

It’s time we learn the full truth about how these assessments were completed. And also learn as much as possible about the true origins of C*VID. 

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  1. Well, duh! I knew that when the things first start of the spreading in New York and LA and Portland. Put a hurtin on Italy because China owns four soccer teams and they were in China when this broke out and then took it to Italy so this isn’t new to me I could’ve told you this two years ago.

  2. What I find funny is that you have not written the specific COVID 19 once in this whole statement. It is known that the whole debalitcal was Fauci funded, directed and misdirected for not only this country but for the entire world. It was a farce from the beginning and should be a ongoing concern to the entire world that we were lied to, locked up, injected with the disease, misdiagnosed and allowed to die so that the powers that be could send the economy into the toilet, reduce the population and undermine the countries that fed it’s population. TO this day we are still trying to rebuild or economies… get our children caught up in theri education, help those that have been brainwashed and are lost in our mists. Suicide, depression, desperation and total mental health breakdowns. Our businesses took a total direct hit, our schools were filled with whacked out communists teaching everything but the truth to our kids. Wha the —- Common core math? give us a break!!! Obama Care plan for everybody? I know people that were told that if they didn’t pay 900. a month that they would be fined. If I can’t pay 900. a month what makes you think I can pay a find for not having Obama Care? Injections for Covid 19 took six weeks to produce and if I didn’t get it I would die? Who are the ones who most like got COvid.. those that got the shots and if you really got all 3 of those widow makers you best have a will drawn up today.


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