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January 6th Panel Votes to Recommend DOJ Prosecute Trump

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On Monday, the House Select Committee investigating the events surrounding the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riot voted to recommend the Department of Justice criminally prosecute former President Donald Trump.

The committee voted 9-0.

According to Fox News, the first referral recommended by the committee is for Trump’s obstruction an official proceeding of Congress. The committee will also refer Trump to DOJ for conspiracy to defraud the federal government, making a false statement and inciting, assisting, or aiding and comforting an insurrection.

In what is expected to be its final meeting on Monday, the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6 said it will formally ask the DOJ to pursue charges after a nearly 18-month probe into the former president’s involvement in the activities that lead to the Capitol breach on January 6, 2021.

The committee’s unprecedented criminal referral holds no official legal weight, and a final determination in whether to pursue the charges will be up to Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Justice Department.

At Monday’s meeting, the committee’s members, seven Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, each presented a portion of their findings against Trump before taking the vote to issue criminal referrals. 

The committee will also refer four Republican members of Congress to the House Committee on Ethics for defying the committee’s subpoenas. One of the Republicans who defied their subpoena was then-House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, (R-Calif.)

The committee also subpoenaed:

  • Jim Jordan, R-Ohio
  • Mo Brooks, R-Ala.
  • Scott Perry, R-Pa.
  • Andy Biggs, R-Ariz.

According to The Hill, It’s unclear if the Ethics panel will launch an investigation based on the select committee’s new recommendations. Unlike most other standing committees, membership on the Ethics panel is evenly divided between the parties. And the committee strives — at least rhetorically — to avoid the divisive partisan politicking that practically defines some of the other panels. 

Yet with just weeks left in the 117th Congress, there’s a small and closing window for the committee to launch any new probes while Democrats are still in the House majority. And it’s unlikely that a GOP-led Ethics Committee would take the remarkable step of investigating the role of sitting Republicans in an event as polarizing as the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. 


  1. Let me get this straight, A unconstitutional panel consisting of all Trump Hating goons, running an illegal panel with no cross examination from a defense group of the other side of the isle is going to prosecute a former president on false charges. Wellllll let me tell you one thing, you better be prepared for a civil war because that is exactly what is going to happen. These panelist will be the first to go, I can’t believe this is happening in the United States of America. These Communist have to be stopped, like the oath we all make entering the military. “I will defend the Constitution of the United States of America from all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC so help me God”

  2. Only one person had the power to keep Capital safe and that was Pelosi and she did not call up one National Guard to protect the Capital! Quit blaming someone that could not protect the Capital! Pelosi wanted chaos to cancel the hearing on the election because she knew before Musk knew because he had not bought twitter who knew big tech, DemocRAT Politicans and there media working together to steal the 2020 election! Musk let the news out when he went through and saw the criminal activity that was led by the criminal DemocRAT Politicians!

  3. You sound as if you know more than I. I am very frustrated. I always have heard we are a nation of laws. Only Republicans have to follow laws, democrats, (commies) do not?? Is anyone besides you looking at the Constitution? It is totally unbelievable what they are doing to Trump, after stealing the election.

  4. I think this so-called Jan. 6th. Committee should be indicted and tried for trying to Ruin one Patriotic American ex-President and to attempt to prevent him from running for Office again, BECAUSE they are scared of him; A Legitimate President who actually did some good for the Legal American Citizens…AND for this very BIASED & UN-CONSTITUTION Bunch of Idiots wasting the Time & Money of The LEGAL, Tax-paying Citizens of this Country, while neglecting to do the JOB they were Elected to do….Insofar as I & Millions more Americans are concerened, they have committed TREASON!

  5. Geno47,
    You got that right and you are on target! I am a senior taxpaying Citizen and believe the true American Patriots must step forward and stop allowing the B/S and corruption being forced down our throats by the Washington elites, yes time while we are at it lets remove as many agencies and Federal operations out of Washington D D and spread them out across our entire Country!
    Lets have justice prevail and fill our empty prisons with ever one found guilty of a multitude of crimes against America!
    Send a message loud and clear WE THE PEOPLE are taking our Country back and God help any Republican politician that doesn’t get on board!
    BY the way don’t tell me the elections were not rigged by the democratic Party, a full investigation and application of our laws applied justly should fill a few more of the empty prisons!

  6. yes the democrats ruin this country it s sad. they do cheat they stole 2020 and 2022 the judges are to afraid that there would be riots if they dare challenge it trump was the best no wars no southern border issues and all judges and jurys hate him so much he would never have a fair trial.the ny attorney general should be on trial term limits please on all elected offices. and definatly age limits

  7. SCOTUS, you’ve got Raland J. Brunson’s “Petition For A Writ Of Certiorari”. Everything it says is 100% the absolute truth, and you know it. Every legal, law abiding, American citizen’s life, and the lives of our children and grandchildren, have been put in jeopardy, we’re all so tired of being afraid in our own country. We’re all tired of the lawlessness. Joe Biden did not “legally” win the presidential election in 2020, and you know it. President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, ex VP Michael Pence, and all the members listed in the “Writ Of Certiorari” must be fired. Who made them God? Who made you God? You took an Oath on the Bible, was that just for show? Our forefathers wrote the United States Constitution for a reason, they never wanted what they went through to happen to future generations and, yet, here we are. Do your jobs, do the right thing, remove Biden, Harris, Pence, and all the members who are intentionally destroying our country. We want our country back, PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING.

  8. Kamala Harris did not take the the Oath on the Bible, she put her clutch purse on the Bible and her hand on the clutch purse. So Idon’t think she has ever been sworn in.

  9. President Trump offered Pelosi 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol on January 6th. She
    told him it wouldn’t be necessary. I find it very interesting that her filmmaker just happened to be in the perfect place at the Capitol to film all the action, including her mother and Schumer cowering in a closet. This was planned days before it happened. No doubt about it.

  10. My main concern is that before WE can get all the criminals in this current administration including Creepy Joe rounded up, this senile old man is going to get us into a Nuclear War.

  11. if this happens and they get there way ,you just might be giveing china to U.S.A.
    stops these jerks who done nothing for usa at all.
    lets get back so trump can clean out the trash in the white house.
    i am really tried of all this bs QUITE WASTEING TAX PAYORS MONEY,TAKE IT OUT OF YOUR PAY.


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