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Deadly Mexican Drug Cartels Using Biden’s Open Border to Cause Chaos in US

CBP Photography, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

ANALYSIS – Totally ignored or hidden by the establishment media is how powerful and deadly Mexican drug cartels are using Joe Biden’s deliberately open border to access the United States and cause chaos.

They do this in various ways. One of course is their bread and butter — drugs. 

The cartels have drastically ramped up their supply of drugs to the U.S., especially deadly fentanyl, since Biden took office. 

This is shown by the record number of fentanyl captures at or near the Mexican border.

But they are also clearly involved in human trafficking and in sending operatives to swell the ranks of their already large criminal networks inside our country.

These organized criminal networks distribute drugs, are involved in human sex trafficking, and many other serious crimes (potentially including terrorism), all within our borders. 

The Republican-led House must do all it can to investigate and thwart Biden’s damaging border policies beginning in January.

Beyond the difficult political task of ending Biden’s disastrous border and immigration policies while he remains in office, and the Democrats control the Senate, there are other measures that could be taken.

In an opinion piece for Fox News, Robert S. Wells, a retired U.S. Navy Captain, and former Special Advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney explain one way to help our law enforcement and Homeland Security team fight back.

This involves revamping the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House to properly address the cartel threat by “connecting the dots.”

Wells notes that:

Every day the leadership in the Homeland Security and Justice Departments receive comprehensive reports from the Intelligence Community (IC), but those findings fail to translate into effective policy and strategy that strengthens our network against the cartels.

Those findings include the “known-known” Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reports on drug cartel distribution of fentanyl distribution and the limitations of Customs and Border Protection (CBP)’s capability to scale to address the threat.

Unfortunately, under Biden, despite this deluge of valuable intel, these law enforcement agencies are not organized to use the information to succeed in an organized response.

Wells then recommends using a revised version of President GW Bush’s Executive Order 13228 to coordinate the fight against the cartels at the NSC.

That order, which created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was signed after the terror attacks on 9/11 2001 precisely to help our Intelligence Community (IC) “connect the dots” after a massive intelligence failure allowed al-Qaeda terrorists to fly jetliners into the Twin Towers in New York City, the Pentagon, and almost one into the Capitol.

The order also created the Homeland Security Council (HSC) within the Executive Office of the President.

Sadly, in the Biden NSC, Homeland Security has been downgraded, and coordinating the fight against the cartels now has to compete with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. 

Wells states that a revised Executive Order 13228 could be drafted and implemented by Biden in a day and a new newly established Homeland Security Council could be up and operational within a week:

Once established, the IC and agency professionals at Justice (DEA), Defense (SOUTHCOM), Homeland Security (CBP and USCG) can bring forward their recommendations against the cartels and their networks throughout the US.

This focus would help “connect the dots” through strategic communication that provides Colin Powell-style efficiency using a macro slide that illustrates the cartel networks operating in the US, the top 3 focal points to “cut off and kill” the cartel networks and executive authority to surge homeland security task forces to the top three areas.

Once rebooted, the office of the Homeland Security Adviser would be able to strategically communicate and lead efforts to “connect the dots” on the growing drug cartel threat.

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  1. Predictably, the few MSM reporters (none of the well known ones) who have now arrived near the border are spinning the story as a “humanitarian crisis.” They focus on crowds of illegals huddled on the streets, but ignore Biden’s policies that have caused it.

  2. We need the Military at our Border, armed to the teeth with orders to stop anyone who attempts to enter our Country by any means necessary, with Black Hawk Helicopters AND fully armed JETS as back-up……Oh yeah and SHOOT TO KILL! The Coward Biden and his equally Cowardly Administration have absolutely proven to We The LEGAL CITIZENRY that they don’t give a DAMN about us as they continue to support & defend the HORDES OF ILLEGALS they have invited in while leaving US to protect and fend for ourselves…BIDEN & CO. have abandoned their main Duty & Responsibility, that being “To Protect & Defend We The People”.. SO, TO HELL WIH THEM!

  3. Well Pelosi sure helped Biden attain the Presidency by stopping the election committee jesting on 1/6 to cause havoc so the meeting would not go on! Now Biden is causing.soon many killings, robberies, child molesting, car thefts and harm to our Citizen instead of requiring health checks, and background checks on all entering our country! Just a few thousand have created 260 million in damage to military bases, all those that were there were Afghanistan and probably only a few worked with us because stupid ass Biden could not Waite a few days to check on this people and he could have put the evacuation until all our military was shipped back, he wasted more money probably than the last five Presidents combined! He should be impeached!<Not one thing he has done right, a total R to our CITIZENS

  4. Sadly the border has been deadly for decades and will continue to be as long as there is no good faith attempt to close it off. The dems ‘promised’ to do that with Reagan in exchange for amnesty for around 3 million, that was around ’86. Never mind that was around the same time they stole from er um raided the social security trust fund – they ‘promised’ to pay that back and have delivered about as well as closing the border.


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