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Feeling ‘Trans’ Disproportionately Affects This Group: Poll

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ANALYSIS – The bizarre transgender fad being pushed by the far left on our nation’s children, and globally, isn’t very diverse. In America it mostly affects a specific type of person. 

According to a recent survey by a pro-transgender support group, that type of person is primarily a young white teenager, who is very smart but has a history of mental illness, and/or emotional issues.

The survey could have added (but did not), that they are likely liberal, middle class, and might drive a Prius.

This, according to a survey of parents who believed their children had ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria.’ The poll was conducted by Parents of ROGD kids.com, which has a support group for families with gender dysphoric children.

The Christian Post reports:

The survey results, which collected responses over nearly four years, were compiled into a report by website creator Suzanna Diaz and J. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University’s Department of Psychology on Wednesday. The 1,774 responses to the survey were collected from Dec. 1, 2017, through Oct. 22, 2021.

Examining the demographics of youth who developed rapid onset gender dysphoria reveals that three-quarters of the children (75%) were female, while just 25% were male. Additionally, the overwhelming majority (78.9%) were of European descent, while much smaller shares were ethnically mixed (16.2%), Asian (2.8%), Indigenous (0.8%), African American (0.6%), Middle Eastern and East Indian (0.4%).

The results of the survey measured the average age when children first experience gender dysphoria as 14.8 years old. The report details how, on average, girls began to develop gender dysphoria at 14.1 years, while boys were an average of 16 years old when they first began to experience discomfort with their sex.

Significantly, a majority of parents (57%) said their gender dysphoric children had a history of “mental health issues.” Almost 60 percent of parents of girls were more likely to report a mental health history in their children.

Fifty-one percent of the parents of boys reported mental health issues in their kids.

Not surprisingly, on average, mental health issues first began to arise almost four years before gender dysphoria appeared.

So, interestingly, 75 percent of Americans who suddenly think they are trans are young female teenagers, and almost 80 percent are of white European heritage. Almost 60 percent of the girls and half the boys have a history of other mental illnesses.

So much for ‘trans diversity’ in America.

The Post continued:

The most common mental health issues experienced by females with gender dysphoria were anxiety (47.3%), depression (33.2%), difficulty socializing with peers (26.5%) and difficulty coping with stressful situations in general (23.2%). Among males, the most frequently reported mental health issues included anxiety (35.2%), difficulty socializing with peers (28.1%), depression (25.1%) and difficulty coping with stressful situations in general (19.2%).

Of those parents who answered a question about whether they felt pressure from a “gender clinic or specialist” to ‘transition’ their child to the opposite sex, just over half (51.8%) reported experiencing pressure. 

An additional 23.6% said they were “unsure” if they felt pressured.

One could argue that if you don’t know, you probably were.

And let’s be clear, physically and medically ‘transitioning’ kids (or anyone) to the opposite sex is a horrific process.

As The Post explains, it involves a life-long regimen of hormones and extended genital mutilation surgeries.

The puberty blockers for teens have side effects such as “osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, cognitive impairment.

When combined with cross-sex hormones, they can cause “sterility.”

Potential long-term impacts of cross-sex hormones include “an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, blood clots and cancers.”

And then there are the sex-change surgeries which “include chemical and surgical castration, double mastectomies on girls, orchiectomy (removing testicles) for boys, the construction of a fake vagina (vaginoplasty) for boys, and removal of skin and tissue from girls’ forearms or thighs to create a fake, flaccid penis that doesn’t function.”

All this for mostly white, ‘exceptionally intelligent,’ young teenage girls, with histories of mental illness. 

Adding to the argument that social pressure pushes vulnerable confused kids to identify as something other than heterosexual, the share of the American population ‘identifying’ as LGBT has doubled over the past decade as the rabid pro-LGBT agenda has intensified.

According to a new Gallup survey, the latest Generation Z is more likely than older Americans to identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or something “other” than straight. 

The Christian Post earlier reported:

The share of Americans who identify as LGBT reached a record of 7.2% in 2022 after hitting 7.1% in 2021, up from 5.6% in 2020 and 3.5% in 2012, the year Gallup began collecting data on LGBT identification.

Of course, those on the left will argue that society’s greater acceptance of alternative sexuality has simply allowed more kids to come out of the closet. And maybe there is some validity to that.

But how many are simply confused and vulnerable children looking for a different type of acceptance?

There is also a not-so-fine line between being ‘accepted’ and being pushed.

And the left, the establishment media, and now the deranged transgender medical industry, are doing a lot of pushing.

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  1. A pattern of god worshiping, globalist puppet, demonrat voter, mental idiots accepting globalist puppet soros bribes to commit his mass shootings . . . . . What less can you expect when you have god worshiping, demonrat criminal voters brandishing children and those children are taught by god worshiping, demonrat criminal teachers taking their kindergarten glass to watch god worshiping, demonrat males dress up like women . . . . .

  2. It would be very, very interesting to find from each set of parents (of these kids in the article/questionnaire) if they are liberal or conservative……and how their children leaned as well.

    • Liberal. I know a couple who practically pushed their son toward this. We thought they were weird but it was coming from the man’s family who had gay people they had to accept.
      Because those gays were going to show up at family events, etc.
      So, they had to train their children to not only accept the behavior, but
      participate by wearing dresses at Halloween. One time we were with the boy and girl and he complained that people thought he was a girl – because his parents would not cut his hair!
      Fortunately, he might have grown out of this – because he had a very deep voice at a young age and he also may be tall by now. He can decide what he wants.
      It’s a form a child abuse, if you ask me.


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