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Latest ISIS Terror Leader Reportedly Killed – How Long Will Next One Last?

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ANALYSIS – A spokesman for the Islamist terror group Islamic State, or ISIS, has announced that their latest leader has been killed “in action.”

His death has not yet been independently verified, and no one has claimed responsibility for the killing.

Asked in Washington about Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi‘s death, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told The Associated Press

“We certainly welcome the news of the death of another ISIS leader. I don’t have any additional operational details to provide at this time.”

Qurashi refers to the tribe of Islam’s founder, the Prophet Muhammad, from whom ISIS leaders must claim descent.

If the latest leader’s death is true, he would be the second ISIS leader killed this year, about 10 months after the death of the previous leader killed in a U.S. raid in northwest Syria in March.

He would also be the third leader eliminated since the founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed by U.S. forces in Idlib, Syria in 2019.

Their deaths came after the meteoric rise of ISIS in 2013-2014 following Barack Obama’s reckless withdrawal from Iraq in December 2011.

Obama famously called ISIS the “JV team.”

Meanwhile, some doubt the veracity of the claim that the latest ISIS leader has been killed.

According to the Mirror, Hassan Hassan, co-author of the book “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror,” urged caution about the news and says ISIS could have “easily” said “that person was killed and replaced with ‘Abu al-HussAIN al-Qurashi.’ Who could tell?”

The Mirror reported:

Writing on Twitter Mr Hassan continued: “Important to note that this is quite possibly a fake announcement.

“Scenario 1 is that the ISIS leader was killed ‘accidentally’ during a raid or fighting without him being known to whoever killed him (the US, Iraqis, Kurds) so those did not know they killed the leader. That’d be unprecedented, but possible.

“Also, jihadist groups have a long history of claiming leaders/commanders dead, just to get intelligence/security agencies off their back.”

ISIS has been mostly defeated in Iraq and Syria, under relentless attacks during Trump’s administration, but sleeper cells still carry out attacks on both countries

The ISIS threat has also been increasing recently, under Joe Biden, especially in Africa.

Abu al-Hassan al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi was reportedly replaced by Abu al-Hussain al-Hussaini al-Qurashi as the despicable terror group’s new caliph.

The Daily Mail reported:

The [ISIS] spokesman did not provide details on the new leader, but said he was a ‘veteran’ jihadist and called on all groups loyal to IS to pledge their allegiance.

Little else is known of the leader who is taking control of the beleaguered terror group whose influence over the Middle East has waned in recent years.

Apparently, being chosen the ISIS leader, or caliph, brings with it a very short life span. 

Let’s see how long this new leader lasts before being sent to enjoy his 72 virgins.

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