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Tucker Carlson Minimizes Israeli Tragedy – Guilty of ‘Moral Stupidity’?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America,

ANALYSIS – Tucker Carlson strikes again. As a lifelong conservative, I often approved of Carlson’s message. He often took on the liberal media and skewered those on the Left. 

But increasingly, his ‘populist’ stick is wearing thin.

Some of his conspiracy theories have proven to be farfetched, if not nutty. And his pro-Russia line has become predictable, even to the Kremlin.

But now he is showing some additional worrisome traits – isolationism to the point of pacifism and surrender, under the guise of ‘realism.’ 

Is he guilty of “moral stupidity”?

I know he likes his clicks and views and wants more attention since being dropped from Fox, but come on, Tucker – WTH?

On Monday, just two days after Hamas terrorists raped, slaughtered and pillaged their way across southern Israel, Carlson posted a video on X.

In it, he perfunctorily acknowledged that the murderous Hamas rampage was a “crime,” and Israel had a right to defend itself, before quickly moving on to his now preferred line of: ‘everything we, or our allies, may do to defend against aggression may lead to nuclear war.’

“The question for American policymakers, however, is what do we do next?” asked Carlson before suggesting that the events of last weekend could easily lead to war with Iran and even the use of nuclear weapons.

My questions for Tucker: Can you spend just a little longer showing sincere outrage at what happened in Israel?

And can you spend a little longer understanding the bigger threat posed to the U.S. by Iran?

Yes, a lot of things happening in the world today could lead to nuclear war: Russia invading Ukraine; Iran directing Hamas to slaughter Israelis; China invading Taiwan. All could lead to a potential nuclear conflict. Potentially.

And that fear is what our mortal enemies want to paralyze us with. In this way, Carlson is now the poster child for enemy propaganda. He could have been part of the leftist, Moscow-directed, ‘Nuclear Freeze’ movement during the Cold War.

Don’t do anything outside the United States or you might start WWIII. That’s not a sound policy.

Carlson is also getting increasingly vicious and petty in his attacks against anyone he disagrees with, now usually fellow conservatives. Even when he is totally wrong.

He savaged Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley for suggesting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu“finish” Hamas once and for all. Something Bibi should do.

“She’s a child and this is the tantrum of a child,” ranted Carlson, calling her comments “ignorant, cocksure,” and “bloodthirsty.”

Sadly, Carlson mistook Haley’s remarks for talking about Iran rather than Hamas, so he was totally off, and it wasn’t even relevant. Ooops.

Which is another thing I’ve been noticing about him. He is increasingly just plain sloppy. And at least two of these harsh names also apply more to his guest, Vivek Ramaswamy, and himself, than to Haley.

I also wish Carlson would have used the third term – ‘bloodthirsty’ – to refer to Hamas, rather than fellow conservative, Haley.

But to Carlson, his fellow Americans deserve more insults than our enemies. That is concerning.

Carlson simply fails to understand that Iran is behind the attack on Israel, and that this attack is part of a much bigger campaign by Iran against the West and the United States.

But Carlson’s attempt to equate fentanyl overdoses in the United States, which is a tragedy (that Joe Biden has abetted through his open border policy), and the deliberate massacres in Israel, was just obscene.

And that part of Carlson’s tirade provoked conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to launch into a blistering criticism of him.

It is a moral atrocity and a moral evil for people to kidnap women, rape them and drag them back to the Gaza border. Those are not the same thing and Tucker knows that. But this is a cheap way of telling you not to look. Don’t look. Stop caring. Because after all, what does it matter? What does it matter? Now again, I don’t know who thinks that that’s a sophisticated point of view, especially when nobody is calling for America to go to war with Iran [to be fair, Lindsey Graham IS calling for an attack against Iran, but ONLY IF it directly attacks Israel]. The entire purpose of having an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean is to avoid that. But here is Tucker playing — I don’t even know the game he’s playing. It’s just a dumb, it’s a dumb game.

Shapiro added:

That is not the same thing. I promise you, it is not the same thing as a terrorist breaking into your home and murdering your children in their beds in front of you and dragging your wife off to be raped in Gaza. That is not the same thing. Pretending that is a moral, it’s a moral blight. It’s idiocy. It’s just moral stupidity at the highest level. 

Of course, we should care about what happens with fentanyl. Of course, we should care about — we should close our border. Have I been unclear about this? Of course, America should have closed borders when it comes to this sort of stuff. I’m on the same side as Tucker on that. I just don’t understand why he’s not on my side when it comes to ‘Hamas has to be wiped off the face of the earth.’ 

And to be clear myself — while I agree that we need to weigh the risks in any U.S. involvement in this escalating Mideast conflict, it’s not just Israel’s fight. Iran is gunning for us, and Israel is just in its way.

Carlson needs to get a reality check on his foreign policy ‘realism.’

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  1. You sound like a neocon war hawk. Israel is a sovereign nation that has their own army and budget for military. We have our own problems here that some could argue are just as dire. If you would like to volunteer to send all your money or better yet go pick up a weapon in defense of Israel then by all means don’t let us stop you.

  2. OK, you’re a hawk… There is a view that the USA is a hollow version of itself and we’d best spend our time trying to wrest control of our country from the grip of leftists and corrupt Democrats rather than acting like we still are so powerful we can intimidate our enemies. Tucker may not be perfect but his inclinations are more in line with my gut than anachronistic leaders who ignore our reality.
    We are so out of control in debt our interest payments are impacting our ability to budget. We have abandoned so much of our military equipment and armament that it will take years to recover and in spite of these two points we are sending billions to Ukraine (a questionable country) and mega billions worth of military equipment and armaments as well despite potential money laundering and selling some of it to third parties and will now add Israel to that activity. Our country’s military is woke, 70% overweight, untrained and understaffed due to recruitment problems and we face the possibility of war involvement in Ukraine, Middle East and Taiwan all at the same time. We are totally divided as a country and suffer from millions of unknown people crossing our border with the potential that some of them are enemy plants who will wreak havoc at some point. We have a growing politically active Muslim community quietly being elected to lower level but important positions. Keep in mind Muslims fundamentally believe there should only be Muslim dominated countries and since they were born since 600 AD they dominate at least 57 countries. Our colleges and universities are no longer bastions of education. They are more entities of propaganda. I could go on, but I guess it’s more fun to act like we are the country that won WWII and the idea that some irresponsible regime like North Korea or Iran might spark a nuclear conflict shouldn’t occupy much of our time.

  3. One thing that has most relevance is for creepy Joe to stop funding Hamas, Iran, and China, which would go along way to for stalling nuclear annihilation, could that possibly be what Tucker Carlson is trying to get to?


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