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Ben Shapiro Points to Trump as Reason GOP is Losing Midterms Momentum

Ben Shapiro via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Conservative pundit and co-editor of The Daily Wire Ben Shapiro says former President Donald Trump is the reason Republicans are losing steam as they get closer to the November midterms finish line.

In a series of tweets, Shapiro said the Republican Party based its midterms strategy on a “miscalculation.”

“In fact, the entirety of American politics is based on dueling versions of the same false mythology: the Mythology of the Emerging Democratic Minority Majority (MEDMM),” Shapiro said on Twitter.

With less than 80 days until the midterm elections, Republicans are laser-focused on winning back the House from Democrats. However, even Mr. Shapiro noted that while Republicans remain poised to win back the House of Representatives it’s looking like it will happen with slimmer margins than previously predicted.

Last week’s Fox News power rankings predicted Republicans to win between 220 and 248 seats in the House, for a majority of between two and 30 seats. That’s less bullish on the GOP than the network’s July projection, which foresaw between 225 and 255 Republican House seats in the new Congress.

Shapiro concluded by warning that Republicans are playing exactly into Democrats’ hands.


  1. I agree with every word. Shapiro is spot on. The ‘right’ often chides the left for being blind to the narrative and political landscape and incapable of realizing how they continually ignore their egregious behavior.
    Of course, that is an analysys from someone (me) on the right. Truth is, that unhinged behavior is EXACTLY what the radical left wants from their politicians.
    Trump ‘says,’ two can play this game and responded just as unhinged. Problem is, that’s NOT what many on the ‘right’ (again, me) want from their leader(s). We want strong; resolute; non-McCain/Romney RINO Constitution/freedom loving leaders, which TRUMP COULD BE, yet he falls for the ‘lefts’ baiting and performs brilliantly for them. Ergo, he himself is making this election a popularity contest, and his personae IS NOT POPULAR WITH MANY. He could have us all, but chooses to alienate many. If you live in the past, you are bound to repeat it.

  2. Talk about playing into Democrat hands. No Republican since Reagan has commanded the stage in the manner that President Trump has. We need to constantly be drawing the comparison the country today and what Was accomplished under President Trump’s guidance. The American people are not stupid. They see differences everyday at the grocery store and the gas pump. We are a positive People- we need to be FOR something, not just against Biden. We need to be focused on a future with a with a clear vertical slope, climbing, ever climbing, not the stagnation of today!

  3. When reading my comment please understand that I am a deep red, hard line Republican.
    Even if the Republicans take back the House with approaching the highest numbers mentioned I don’t see a lot of things changing for this reason. Congressional Republicans are about as focused as the Keystone Kops. Instead of forming a solid front as the Democrats have done Republican members fly off in different directions and end up getting little, if anything, accomplished. Many Republicans simply refuse to work for a common cause.

    Many conservatives such as myself are hoping the Republicans take back the House in the 2022 midterms and we are waiting to see if they can accomplish anything positive. If not, many of us would like to see a new Republican party that stands for all the things that has made the United States the greatest country on Earth. A party that is based on faith, strict interpretation of the Constitution, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, and equal opportunity.

  4. So, Trump stomped on 2020 Georgia vote and we have two (idiotic) Democratic Senators from Georgia.
    In 2022, DNC had co-opted Republican primaries, resulting in weak Republican runners.
    With McConnell’s limp blessing.
    Shapiro is spot on.

  5. The democrats are doing exactly what you would think, make it about Trump. He is his own worse enemy. The GOP needs to muzzle him, if not he will cost the republicans a majority in the house and the 2024 election. The hate for Trump is deep and wide spread across this country and regardless of what the GOP may think, Trump’s mouth will do him, and the party, great harm these next 2 election cycles

  6. Those who think we need a wussy RINO like mc cain or romney are not in tune with the American working class…..ypu sound like all the other milk-toast”we must be nice” gang of losers!
    Its past time to place nice with these people!
    It doesn’t work!
    Wake the hell up!

  7. Something not mentioned here is the fact that Biden’s bills have passed at an unpresidential level? Giving him a boost in the polls. Gas prices have come down since they hit a high of $6 a gallon. Now the college half billion dollar giveaway. Suddenly, democrats aren’t so bad.
    Trump isn’t running for president in 2022. I think everyone knew that. RINO Shapiro is looking for any excuse to kick Trump to the curb.
    But, November is still far enough away for Biden to make another stupid move that increases the Red wave. Have faith.

  8. I usually agree with Shapiro but not on this…the Democrats have always made it about Trump because they are scared to death of him. It’s like Trump says “in reality, they’re not coming for me…they’re coming for you and I’m just in their way. ” Trump is just keeping the spirit alive and energized…too bad all Republicans can’t get behind the one guy the Democrats fear the most….and recall how good we had it when he was president…as opposed to this dimwitted president we have now ……and that’s putting it nicely….

  9. I don’t understand how comments are “moderated”…and decided to be printed or not…I don’t see how mine would be offensive…but it must have been thrown out cause it never showed up….guess censorship is in the eye of the beholder and we’re at their mercy….

    • I have noticed sometimes days later, I get an email that my comment has posted. Not sure if it was these guys or not but it might take a while. When I have checked up on my comments, they seem to have always been kept. Now the Daily Wire, Shapiro’s rag, they censored me on a regular basis, but pretty much immediately. Usually though, not specifying why the comment could not post. Very discouraging, I finally stopped reading the Daily Wire.

  10. Donald Trump needs to temper his speech, refine it so it says the same but with class not crass.
    He is an action mover, he has a HUGH! ego, but the ego is what kept him going. Without his ego he would have been swallowed up by the SWAMP/CABAL…He has the power to have us join him at his side and fighting shoulder to shoulder, the traitors that are holding the White House hostage. His
    seemly craziness is what confuses and disarms the Democraps over and over. We have to try and understand Trump, and forgo our gossip about his personility. SEE WHAT THE MAN DOES!
    When Trump became the President, he was a Babe in the woods. He was attacked, misinformed, and lied to on a daily basis. Still he prevailed, which is what he can do again with us supporting him. HE KNOWS WHO THE ENEMY IS NOW! And once he becomes President, watch the carnage begin, not only with the traitors in the White House but around the world. It is coming,,
    “Follow the Plan”
    Watch carefully what’s happening in the world and know that Trump is involved in more ways than you can imagine.

    • Yes I don’t think anyone can argue the fact that Trump made quite a bit of progress. Despite the unrelenting pressure from the democrats propaganda machine, he brought energy to it’s highest point since Standard Oil was king, more minorities were working and for better pay, the border was manageable, and Russia, China and North Korea were all fairly calm. Contrast that with our open border, sky high prices for fuel and goods, can’t get everyone back to work, Russia at war, China threatening Taiwan, North Korea threatening us, Biden “utopia”, now. All the democrats have done is prove that if you throw enough money at the American public, they will react in a socialist way, not realizing that they are shooting themselves in the foot and diminishing the outlook for their future.


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