Home Politics Mike Pence to Campaign for Republican Congressman who Voted to Impeach Trump

Mike Pence to Campaign for Republican Congressman who Voted to Impeach Trump

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Former Vice president Mike Pence has announced his support for a Republican Congressman who voted to impeach former President Trump over his alleged role in the 2021 Jan. 6th riot.

California Republican David Valadao, who voted to impeach Trump along with nine other House Republicans represents the 21st Congressional District and is running against Democratic challenger Rudy Salas for control over the newly drawn 22nd Congressional District.

Pence is set to headline a campaign fundraiser for Valadao in Fresno, California according to The Washington Examiner.

The former vice president has been outspoken against several Trump-backed candidates, particularly those who continue to deny the results of the 2020 election, such as Arizona’s GOP candidate for governor, Kari Lake. Pence had supported candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, whom Lake beat in the primary. He said in July that Lake wanted to make the 2022 election about the past.

“So, let me say, when you get out and vote for Karrin Taylor Robson and this Republican team, you can say yes to a future of freedom for Arizona,” he said that month.

On Sept. 14, Arizona Republican secretary of state candidate Mark Finchem accused Pence of attempting to organize a “coup” against Trump after Pence certified the 2020 election results. Finchem will compete against Democratic nominee Adrian Fontes in November. If he loses, he vowed not to concede.

Pence has been speculated as an early contender for the 2024 presidency but the former Vice President has reaffirmed his sole focus is helping Republicans succeed in this year’s midterms. However, his travels to high-profile early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire along with his refusal to rule out a potential campaign have many Americans curious.

“I can honestly tell you in 2023, my family and I will do what we have always done. We’ll reflect, we’ll pray and determine where we might best serve, and we’ll go where we’re called,” Pence told a CNN reporter at the time


  1. Mr. Pence is worse than a RINO. He stabbed his boss and our President in the back when he could have hesitated to certify the Election of 2020 pending inquiry. Some political commentators projected that he lapsed on purpose for future political gain. It appears they may have been right. But I would not vote for Mike Pence for dogcatcher; for alligator wrangler in the Everglades, maybe, under the watchful eye of Gov. DeSantis.

  2. oh yeah we need this holy backstabbing ahole. he, as much as the liar in chief, barak obama are
    responsible for the sorry state our country is in. he can go to hell!

  3. He was sold to Trump by the rino’s as VP. They planned for him to take over once they impeached Trump. Rino’s have been on board with the left from the start, remember they gave McCain the dossier, and he couldn’t wait to get it out to the public. Well Pence was their guy!

  4. This act of Stupidity sure will not help him. Just another back-stabbing rhino. It is amazing what a taste of power does to people!

  5. And this is how Dems keep winning — they stick together, for better or worse.
    Jawad is right, Pence is worse than a RINO. At least RINOs identify as such, but Pence hides behind religiosity and fakes loyalty to whomever or whatever is convenient.
    The Dems wouldn’t even take him in – they know he’s a turncoat.


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