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GOP Senator Turns on Trump, ‘He Will Lose’

Bill Cassidy via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Trump didn’t see this one coming…

Republican Senator Bill Cassidy (La.) predicted former President Donald Trump would lose the 2024 general election against Joe Biden if he’s ultimately the GOP’s presidential nominee.

Cassidy made the comments during a Sunday appearance on CNN and added that he thinks any other candidate in the Republican primary field is better suited to defeat Biden, a scathing rebuke of the former president he’s often supported.

“Do you think that Donald Trump should drop out of the race?” host Kasie Hunt asked.

“I think so. But, obviously, that’s up to him. I mean, you’re just asking me my opinion,” Cassidy responded.

“But he will lose to Joe Biden, if you look at the current polls. I’m a Republican. I think any Republican on that stage in Milwaukee will do a better job than Joe Biden,” he added. “And so I want one of them to win. If former President Trump ends up getting the nomination, but cannot win a general, that means we will have four more years of policies which have led to very high inflation, to a loss of purchasing power for the average American equivalent to $10,000, and to many other things which I think have been deleterious to our country’s future.”

However, Sen. Cassidy confirmed that he would vote for Trump if he becomes the Republican nominee.


  1. Cassidy’s opinions are just that. He has always been a liberal, leftwing, socialist, communist-loving, Elitist, One World Government, CFR, Bilderberg, Rockefeller, Tax and Spend, George Soros, money-grabby, RIN0. In addition, he stands with the left on abortion and homosexuality. Franky, he us a disgrace to anything decent, honest or right. Check out his college activities if you doubt. A real goal in 🐑 sheep’s clothing!

  2. Let’s face facts – out nation is in deep trouble and the only chance for salvation is true conservatives standing together and electing President Donald J. Trump. All the people trying to win the primaries and become the Republican nominee are in one of three categories. 1. They were in the Trump Administration and base their candidacy on President Trump’s policies. 2. They asked for and received President Trump’s endorsement to achieve the positions they now hold. 3. They are jealous of Trump’s wealth and success, supported him, wanted a position in his cabinet, and when they were not chosen they began a vendetta to denigrate him in way they can. NONE of them are true conservatives working to save our nation from the scourge of democrat communists. If they were, they would recognize the success of the Trump administration, stand united behind him, and win this election. Instead,they are only interested in their self aggrandizement and elevating themselves in social and political circles. There is no democrat party anymore – they skipped socialism and went straight to communist. All democrat nominees – Clinton-Gore; Kerry-Edwards; Obama-Biden; Clinton-Kaine; and Biden-Harris – have been supported and endorsed by the CPUSA (Communist Party of the United States). We know what to expect from these rattlesnakes – our biggest problem and the biggest threat to the security and survival of the United States as a Constitutional Representative Republic are people like the Bushes, the Cheneys, Chris Sununu, Bill Barr, Paul Ryan, Ken Cuccinelli, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Bill Cassidy, etc., etc., etc. The despicable RINOs are the worst of the pit vipers and they strike delivering their venom without warning.

  3. Amazes me how all these impotent wanna be leaders like Cassidy can predict the future so confidently when it comes to anything Trump “can’t” do, but won’t own what they can’t or won’t do right now. The demoncraps have handed the Republican Party their asses for so long now I think they like it. I will bet on Trump before I will trust any senator or representative in this pathetic sham of a government. I pray judgement day is coming for all of them, and I pray it’s Trump who gets to preside over it all.

  4. The Rinos are trying to prepare us. They are going to help the democrats steal an election again. We are supposed to believe every one is going to vote for a man who will not live until the end of his next term.


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