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Pelosi Knew – Tucker Carlson Interviews Capitol Police Chief Again over Jan 6

Nancy Pelosi via Gage Skidmore flickr

ANALYSIS – The original interview Tucker Carlson did with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund about the Capitol Riot never aired on Fox News because Tucker was fired just before. Still, a lot about that interview has leaked. 

I wrote about some of Sund’s claims earlier in August

In that piece, I note that the Jan 6 riot was not a false flag operation, and most of the rioters were confirmed Trump supporters. However, in many ways, it was allowed to happen.

But to put the entire thing on the record, Carlson did the interview again – and posted it to X, formerly known as Twitter. And it is damning to those Democrats who benefited from the Capitol Riot.

Much of what Sund has said coincides with or dovetails with facts I have written about previously, especially how the Sergeant at Arms for both the House under Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate under Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, both declined National Guard support until it was too late.

The same occurred with the Democrat Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser who specifically stated that troops not be deployed unless the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) approved. 

She added that she believed her police department was “well trained and prepared to lead the way” to ensure Jan. 6 unfolded safely. They weren’t. And they didn’t.

This despite President Donald Trump offering the National Guard to them more than once.

*(Note that the graphic above is incorrect in one detail – Officer Brian Sicknick was NOT killed defending the Capitol. He died later of natural causes (a stroke) unrelated to the riot.)

In the case of Pelosi, Carlson is direct: “So this is an event that Pelosi herself has likened to Pearl Harbor and 9/11 — you know, the worst thing that’s ever happened on American soil — and she’s in charge of allowing the National Guard to come in and respond but she doesn’t for 71 minutes? What is that?”

But Sund adds more details and perspective to the event that makes the lead up even more damning for the Democrats.

The Blaze reported:

In the interview, Sund indicated critical intelligence pertaining to possible threats ahead of the Jan. 6 protest was withheld from the Capitol Police and that the absence of such intelligence was cited by the congressional sergeants at arms — who were reporting to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the time — as cause not to reinforce the Capitol in advance with the National Guard and federal assets.

However, the outlet added the former Chief now understands that the intelligence was there. It just wasn’t provided to his department:

According to the former chief, “We now know FBI [and] DHS was swimming in that intelligence. We also know now that the military seemed to have some very concerning intelligence as well,” adding that the FBI field office in Washington and other outfits “didn’t put out a single official document specific to January 6. That’s very unusual.”

During a conference call on Jan. 5, 2021, with the leaders of the Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI Washington field office along with National Guard, military officials, and others, “not one person on that call talked about any concerns from the intelligence … that was out there.”

“This was handled differently. … It’s almost like they wanted it to be watered down, the intelligence to be watered down for some reason,” said Sund. “It wasn’t right the way the intelligence was handled and the way we were set up on the Hill.”

The question is – did these federal security agencies make the decisions not to forward this intelligence on their own, or where they told not to send it?

In the interview, Sund noted that then-acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark Milley had “both discussed locking down the city of Washington, D.C., because they were so worried about violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6.”

Sund added: “On Sunday and Monday, they had been discussing locking down the city, revoking permits on Capitol hill because of the concern for violence.” 

He continued: “You know who issues the permits on Capitol Hill for demonstrations? I do. You know who wasn’t told? Me.”

This deserves much more investigation. The Jan 6 Committee was a partisan circus and designed only to blame Trump.

I have argued that the Pentagon leadership was extremely wary of bringing in the National Guard or any federal assets to DC due to the extreme overreaction by Democrats over Trump sending federal officers to quell riots in Portland a few months earlier.

Democrats also were apoplectic with rage at Trump’s actions to stop violent rioters outside the White House on June 1st

There was also the incessant talk in the media about Trump using the military for a ‘coup,’ which Miller has stated as a constraint several times. These all remain valid explanations for the Pentagon’s preferred inaction. 

And maybe for the Mayor’s decision to initially reject Guard troops.

But what about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? What did they know and when did they know it? And why did they veto reinforcing the Capitol till the chaos had already begun?

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  1. Pelosi is responsible for what happened on January 6th. She refused additional security when Trump offered it. The former Chief Of Capitol police said there was a “coverup”. Pelosi knew there were
    agents from the FBI, DOJ who encouraged people to enter the Capitol. Pelosi’s sham of a committee proved nothing & lied on the video tapes. They had changed the audio of the tapes so people would hear what they wanted you to hear. Pelosi has done nothing but use her job to gain the perks. She is truly an embarrassment to this nation over & over again. She along with BIden, Clinton, Comey, Wray Garland, Smith deserves to be in an orange jumpsuit & hopefully Trump will go after all of them when he is elected.

  2. get pelosi’s and shummers phone text and data leading up to Jan 6 and you dumb sob’s will surely find out the truth about this whole bullshit matter. If they dont investigate this they really dont wanna know the truth and damn sure dont want citizens knowing the truth!!!!!!!!!!! everybody knows I’m right!!!!!!!


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